Bruce Willis’s wife is stressed because of her husband’s illness

USABruce Willis’s wife said she was sad to see the actor suffering from dementia, trying actively to stand by her husband.

The star Die Hard welcomed the age of 68 with wife Emma Heming, ex-wife Demi Moore and his five children from two marriages. In the video Demi Moore posted on her personal page on March 19, Bruce Willis looks happy, singing along with his relatives and blowing out candles.

Bruce Willis at his birthday party on March 19. Video: Demi Moore Instagram

Bruce Willis announced retirement at the end of March 2022 because of aphasia syndrome – the condition of losing the ability to communicate continue normally. In February, the family updated information that the doctor had specifically diagnosed frontotemporal dementia syndrome.

According to Variety, this syndrome causes personality changes, difficulty speaking or affects a person’s ability to move. infected. “Unfortunately, communication challenges are just one symptom of the syndrome that Bruce faces. Although this is very painful, it is a relief to finally have a clear diagnosis”, the actor’s family announced on their personal page.

The actor’s wife – Emma – said she was under a lot of pressure after her husband got sick. “I started this morning by crying, you can see it through these puffy eyes. People often praise me for being so strong, saying they wouldn’t know how to act in a similar situation. I wasn’t given a choice. In life, sometimes we have to accept and try to overcome. However, I feel sad every day, especially on occasions like today,” she wrote on her personal page on her husband’s birthday.

According to People, Emma said that many people have been bothering her for many months. Paparazzi are always lurking to capture moments of Hollywood actors. This makes the family feel unsafe and uncomfortable when appearing in public. “I know it’s your job, but please keep your distance. Please don’t shout at my husband or ask him what he’s doing! Leave him alone!”, she said.

Demi Moore (second from right) brought her three daughters to visit Bruce Willis last Christmas. Photo: Demi Moore Instagram

Demi Moore (second from left) brought her three daughters to visit Bruce Willis last Christmas. They divorced in 2000 but maintained a good relationship. Photo: Demi Moore Instagram

After retiring, Willis lived a private life and enjoyed time with his family. Relatives focus on helping the actor live as fully as possible. A source close to the actor said: “The important thing is to get Willis in the most positive state. Everyone makes a specific schedule of activities for the day. The family wants to make sure his body and mind are regularly exercised”.

The actor currently lives with his second wife – Emma Heming – and two daughters Mabel (11 years old) and Evelyn (nine years old). The wife tries every way to let the children have as much time as possible with their father. She wants the children to always remember their father as a funny and wonderful person.

Emma Heming and Bruce Willis celebrate their wedding anniversary in 2021. Photo: Emma Heming Instagram

Emma Heming and Bruce Willis celebrate their wedding anniversary in 2021. Photo: Emma Heming Instagram

Willis also received encouragement from his ex-wife Demi Moore and their three children – Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. They often visit and reunite on special occasions.

On his birthday, the actress’ daughter – Scout – wrote on her personal page: “Today is dad’s birthday. I ask everyone to send love, tenderness, care and prayers to him. And Demi Moore wrote: “Love you and your family! Thank you fans for your love and warm wishes”.

Bruce Willis, born in 1955, is a German-American actor. He became famous after a series of romantic comedies in the 1980s such as Moonlighting, Hudson Hawk… After that, the actor turned to acting in action movies and participated in a series of famous blockbusters. Willis is best known for his role as John McClane in the Die Hard film series. His total box office revenue is about more than 8.3 billion USD, among the top 100 best-selling actors of all time, according to statistics from The Numbers .

Before retiring, Bruce Willis focused on acting in many films, which are now being released gradually. His latest project is Detective Knight: Independence, released in January.