BTS fans criticized for ‘Ԁisturbing’ the military community to protect Jin

On December 13, Jin, the oldest sibling of BTS, joined at the Yeoncheon 5th Division Training Center in Gyeonggi Province.

Many BTS fans frequently voiced their concerns about their idols on online military forums (reserved for the families of troops), which infuriated many other soldiers’ families.

Since December 15, some ARMYs have been spamming The Camp, a website community. The website offers a range of services to warriors, their loved ones, and friends.

However, lately, the majority of the messages on The Camp’s bulletin board were inquiries from the ARMY regarding Jin’s position.

One fan wrote:  “Does the military menu include potatoes, garlic and fish? Because Jin is allergic to those foods”  . The 5th Division’s online community moderator responded:  “This is not a kindergarten! The military knows about these things and soldiers can control their own diets.” 

Some relatives of other soldiers commented:

– There are too many posts about Jin so we can’t see important announcements.

– Who is Kim Seok Jin (real name Jin) that the community is so full of news about him?

– Jin isn’t the only one to enlist in the army, please refrain.

– This is not a fan cafe.

– It is difficult for me to ask about my son or find out more information.

The Camp had to open a separate bulletin board called “ARMY’s Jin BTS” for the 5th Division. The moderator explained:

“The 5th Division Community is a place where parents, friends, and colleagues of active and discharged 5th Division members can show support and encouragement for each other. If too many messages are uploaded , the server will be down and other soldiers may not receive mail from their family and friends.

Please do not send too many handwritten gift letters as this may interfere with the training process. Instead of sending messages on message boards, please use the Weverse fan app.

This announcement is not from the 5th Division, but I, as the operator of The Camp, would like to directly say to the fans (BTS), hope they understand the hearts of the parents who are worried about the new trainees. “. 

Despite many achievements, Blackpink still lost to BTS and TWICE on Billboard

It can be seen that despite many achievements in 2022, at Billboard’s weekly World Albums, Blackpink is often absent before BTS and TWICE.

Blackpink is still busy with their tour. At the end of 2022, they are still working hard.

Before that, when releasing the new album Bonk Pink, the group set a series of new records. However, on Billboard’s weekly World Albums chart, Blackpink seems to be constantly absent from the top 15 compared to BTS and TWICE.

Specifically, this week, it can be seen that RM – BTS’s new solo album “Indigo” debuted at No. 1 on the chart, in addition to entering the Billboard 200 chart (where RM became a solo artist). Korea first in history to have two albums in the top 30).

Meanwhile, ITZY’s new mini album “Cheshire” debuted at No. 2 on the World Albums chart, and became the group’s 4th album to enter the Billboard 200.

BTS’s compilation album “Proof” remаins at #4 for the 26th consecutive week on the World Albums chart.

Enhypen’s first full-length Japanese album “Sadame” entered the chart at No. 5 this week, while the group’s latest Korean mini-album “Manifesto: Day 1” came in at No. 12 in week 19 on the chart.

NCT 127’s latest album “2 Baddies” ranked 8th for the 12th consecutive week on the chart and Le Sserafim’s “ANTIFRAGILE” followed at 10th for the 8th week.

Nearly 6 months after its initial release, TWICE Nayeon’s debut solo mini album “Im Nayeon” has returned to the charts for the 13th non-consecutive week, while TWICE’s latest mini-album “Between 1&2” comes in at No. 13th in the chart for the 15th week in a row.

In contrast, in the top 15, the audience completely saw Blackpink’s absence, including the old album The Album or the latest album Born Pink.