BTS’ Jin reveals his feelings about his military service on the border of the region

Jin, the eldest member of the g̵ang, will be the first to join. It is anticipated to happen very soon even though there is no set date as of yet because it was anticipated to happen after the release of his single “The Astronaut.”

A member of the Weverse community questioned him about his feelings regarding the approaching birthday:

Oppa, your birthday is next month, are you excited?” a fan asked Jin.

No.. I’m up on the front line“, the idol replied.

In his response, Jin expresses his displeasure at being ordered to go to a military training headquarters in the border area of Jeonbang rather than the normal induction training facility for fresh recruits in the southern province of Nonsan. Chungcheong.

Because he must participate in hazardous military duty and could have to serve out his 30th birthday.

BTS’s Jin interacts with fans while disclosing his military strategies and other information

Jin is the stage name for Kim Seok-jin, a member of the South Korean boy band BTS. Of course, if you like the band, you already know who he is.

The member of BTS known as Jin engaged with his ARMY, or followers, on the social media site Weverse in advance of his birthday on December 4. All of their doubts were addressed, and as he announced his plans, he left the ARMY all around the world in a tangle of emotions. He had already stated that he would be leaving for his two years of required military duty in South Korea, but he had not provided a date. He made a request for each and every one of his admirers during the fan engagement. Learn everything that took place during Jin’s encounter with a fan.

Everything we know about BTS’ Jin’s fan interaction

Weverse, a Korean app and website platform that specializes in hosting multimedia material and artist-to-fan connections for bands, had an interactive session with Jin of BTS and his followers on November 12.

If he has any plans for his birthday on December 4, a follower inquired. He responded that unlike previous years, he would not be celebrating his birthday this year since by that time, he would have already joined the front lines.

Jin of BTS has finally released his first solo track, “The Astronaut.”

Jin will be the first member of BTS to enlist for mandatory military service.

Fans were overwhelmed and moved by this. During the exchange. Jin from BTS also asked a fan not to post his pictures of him without a shirt. Evidently, the candid photos show Jin’s tattoo.


All physically capable men must spend around two years in the military in South Korea. Due to their enormous popularity, it has previously been hotly contested whether the members of BTS should enlist in the military.

All seven members of the band will enlist in the military, according to the band’s management company BigHit Music. The band anticipates reuniting in 2025 to continue their musical careers.