BTS Jin’s funny reaction when fans want to see more tоplеss photos of him

Jin геvеаled the location of his tattoo in June with a photo of him topless on the beach, even drawing the attention of group members J-Hope, Suga, and RM.

Recently, the tattoo and its location gained attention again when the tattoo artist for the BTS members posted another topless photo of the oldest member of BTS.

After the additional topless photo was released, Jin accidentally геvеаled more skin in his new YouTube video.

Jin has released two episodes of his YouTube show The  Drunken  Truth, in which he makes traditional Korean rice wine – makgeolli, with his friend celebrity chef Baek Jong Won and veteran wine artist Park Rok Dam.

The video shows the intricate process of making traditional Korean rice wine as Korean families have done for generations. Jin was thoroughly involved in the process and was completely attentive and hands-on while retaining his lovely charm.

After steaming, soaking, and mixing the cooked rice with yeast, Jin and Park Rok Dam carefully shovel the rice back into an earthen рot, cover with cloth, and cover to ferment.

The fermented rice is then brought to Jin’s house and placed in his bathtub. For instructions at home, he was asked to monitor the temperature of the rice during fermentation.

For several days, Jin checked the temperature, continuing to keep the rice waiting to ferment in his bath.

In one, the BTS member wore a pajama set combined with shorts, ꜱuddenly showing off his toned legs.

Fans couldn’t ignore the show of skin, and none other than Jin himself drew attention when a fan posted a photo on  Weverse  . The poster left a simple caption expressing their reaction to Jin’s photos, summarizing it as “I’m Ԁead”.

Jin saw the post and had the most iconic reaction of accidentally exposing his skin, reminding fans where they should really be looking.

“Look at my face, not these things” – Jin.

Jin was quick to remind fans that it was his good looks that caught their attention.

Reactions from online users to BTS’s Jin being the new face of “Jin Ramyun”

Internet users responded when BTS’s Jin was announced as the new face of “Jin Ramyun.”

On November 8 KST, a user of the internet posted a message titled,  “Jin’s first individual brand CF…amazing.”  Here, the netizen included a screenshot of an article reporting on the news that BTS’s Jin had recently become the new model for the Korean ramyun brand ‘Jin Ramyun’. The netizen further wrote,  “He really became the model for Jin Ramyun, lolllll. So freaking funny. I really didn’t know that he would become the Jin Ramyun model. Jin Ramyun is cute, and Jin is also so frickin’ cute. Lol. Personally, I wish J-Hope would be the model for ‘Hope Raising Bankbook’ and Jungkook would be the model for ‘Downy’.”


In response to the news, netizens commented:

“His individual activities are very ‘Jin-like’, so I love it lolll. I will now only think of Jin when I hear of ‘Jin Ramyun’.”

“Let’s all live life like Kim Sukjin, seriously. He was gifted a song from Coldplay who were his idols, he is now influential to Maple Story and 

more…what is up with this man?”

“So cute lolll.”

“Wow, he really is a successful fan. He finally achieved what he mentioned that he ᴡanted to do just a years ago.”

“I should go buy Jin Ramyun immediately.”

“Wow, this really happened.”

“Kim Suk Jin is so cute TTTT.”

“Jin Ramyun will really go global now.”

“LOLLL. Amazing.”

“Jin Ramyun will probably become really succesfully all around the world due to having Jin as their model.”

“I should go buy the whole box of Jin Ramyun.”

“Such a cute successful fan.”