BTS “revives” once-popular memes

Not only conquering fans with cool moments on stage or images in MV, BTS also brings a sense of closeness and joy through humorous moments in everyday life. The salty taste of BTS resonates with the keen eye of the fans to revive the legendary memes of the time.

Last August, a lucky fanboy had the opportunity to take pictures with the youngest Jungkook on the streets of Seoul. But perhaps because it was the first time you were photographed with an idol, you Army was a bit shy in contrast to the warmth of the BTS member. The atmosphere of this moment quickly fell into the situation of “don’t know who’s fan”. Many people realize that this image is exactly the same as a fan who took a photo with the male artist Khalid before, because it is not known who is a celebrity and who is a fan.

On the occasion of his group member’s birthday, Jin quickly “caught the trend” of actor Ryan Reynolds’ congratulatory way with a frontal shot. Accordingly, the main character in the photo is Jin and the owner of the birthday can only appear half of his face as a secondary character. If you want to wish someone a “heartfelt” birthday like this, why not try a photo like Jin and Jimin right away.

In an episode of “Run BTS”, Jungkook was alone in the car sneaking around to eat ice cream with the other members and was accidentally discovered by Jimin. The moment the “Promise” vocalist saw the group’s youngest brother was like the classic meme photo “alone in the world” without being bothered by anyone.

“Happy handshake” but the BTS version with the appearance of Jin, V and Jimin is definitely the real meme for the long-time friends to meet.

Very Adele but turned out to be Suga, perhaps because this charisma and romantic hairstyle made many people think of the voice of “Someone Like You”.

Jimin’s panic moment will surely be familiar to everyone and have seen once in their life when doing something wrong.

Will BTS be allowed to perform while in the army?

OVER THE NEXT few years, all seven members of BTS will fulfill their mandatory military service in South Korea, extending the group’s previously-announced hiatus until 2025. But, luckily for that all-important other ARMY, the news doesn’t mean BTS won’t still be around in some capacity.

On Tuesday, Oct. 18, a spokesperson for the Korean Defense Ministry said the members of the group will be able to take part in specific “national-level” events even as they complete their service, according to  The Korea Times .

“Our position is that we will provide an opportunity if they wish to participate when there is a national-level event for the public good or an event designed in light of the national interest,” the spokesperson, Col. Moon Hong-sik, said during a press conference.

This isn’t even a BTS-specific exemption, with Hong-sik noting that current guidelines mean the same opportunities are open to other service members (though not many others are world-famous pop stars, to be fair). Hong-sik’s comments follow similar remarks from Korea’s Defense Minister, Lee Jong-sup, who said earlier this month that overseas performances would even be an option for BTS members during their service.

BTS’ label, Big Hit Entertainment, officially confirmed that the group’s seven members would be fulfilling their mandatory military duties on Monday, Oct. 17. Jin will be the first to enlist following the release of his upcoming solo music at the end of the month; the other six members will enlist over the next several years based on their individual schedules.

In South Korea, it is standard for men to begin a 21-month stint in the military by their 28th birthday. Several members of BTS who are older than that have been granted additional time, while the band’s team has also looked for exceptions and ways for the members to complete their service requirements in a different capacity.

When  Rolling Stone  spoke with BTS last year, their plans regarding enlistment were still uncertain, though they didn’t seem too concerned. “I’m sure it will work out so that we can continue to see ARMY,” V said. “About military service or what will happen, we haven’t discussed it in the specifics amongst ourselves, but I’m sure it’ll work out eventually.”