BTS’ Suga Couldn’t Resist BLACKPINK’s Lisa After Having A Cute Interaction

BTS’ Suga Couldn’t Resist BLACKPINK’s Lisa After Having A Cute Interaction.

Contrary to what fans believe, BTS and BLACKPINK might have a great friendship between their members. Since the rumors that V and Jennie are dating, the K-Pop groups’ supposed rivalry has proven to be nonexistent.

During an awards show, Suga could not resist Lisa’s tenderness.

It’s not the first time the idols have appeared together in Korean programs or ceremonies, and Jungkook of BTS has taken advantage of the opportunity to show off his fanboy side, chanting and dancing to the girl band’s songs. Fans captured his reaction on video.

Although they have not interacted directly, BTS and BLACKPINK have been very close to each other. So more than once they have been captured on video reacting to their performances or to one of the members.

Suga was one of them and the rapper could not resist and made this gesture to Lisa.

BLACKPINK gave a thank-you speech at one of his first awards, but Lisa did not speak Korean at the time. The reactions were quick, and Suga was seen smiling at the singer alongside his bandmates.

Some ARMYs thought the moment was cute because the young girl struggled to say thank you while looking nervous, and Suga didn’t use to be as expressive or react to other idols back then.

The Cute Nickname V (BTS) Gave To Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Amidst the numerous rumors and hard evidence of a possible romance between BTS‘ Taehyung and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, a Quora forum has revealed the Idol’s or the singer’s nickname.

So, according to some fans who recently attended an autograph signing, the cute nickname that BLACKPINK’s Jennie might use with BTS’ Taehyung is:

“Good boy or handsome boy.”

Why? This was the answer the idol made when ARMY asked them what they would like to be called by their girlfriends. In another video that was leaked by a hacker, he said that V supposedly uses the word ‘sweetie‘ to refer to Jennie.

However, and despite the strong evidence, it has not yet been confirmed so far that she is his girlfriend.