BTS’s J-Hope will perform at New York Times Square during New Year’s Eve party

The artists were announced on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve broadcast this morning (December 16).

Fans of K-Pop music can’t help but be startled and thrilled to see J-Hope of BTS mentioned in it.

Being asked to play at this significant New Year’s event in the US, which takes place in New York Times Square, might be seen as a major honor for a member of BTS.

Duran Duran, New Edition, and Jax are among the performers that night in addition to J-Hope.

Not content to stop there, TXT, the “junior” of BTS, will also wish everyone a happy new year when they play at Disneyland.

The group will perform on stage among several other well-known performers, including Aly & AJ, Ciara, Halle Bailey, etc.

J-Hope has played as a solo artist previously in the US.

The male idol previously made history in August when he performed at the Lollapalloza event in the US as the first Korean musician to do so.

The fаct that J-Hope is performing exclusively as a solo artist at this music event is another first for him in the US.

The male idol Dick Clark will play solo for American audiences for the second time at the New Year’s Eve party, capping his successful solo career.

In BTS’s latest video, fans were sᴜrprised by a very special item prepared by Jin to enlist in the army

Jin BTS’s enlistment on December 13 is still the most interesting event up to this point, when any information announced by the military also attracts special attention from fans.

The international public is extremely interested in Jin’s enlistment date

Recently, BIGHIT released a video titled  Jin’s enlistment ceremony  through the Bangtan Bomb Youtube channel, showing images that ARMYs did not know at the moment BTS gathered to say goodbye to Jin.

The eldest brother left to do his mandatory military service right after the rookie welcome ceremony, starting a 5-week basic training course at the Recruit Training Center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province.

BTS members were all there to say goodbye

6 BTS members were present on the big day to say goodbye to Jin, with wishes for health to wish the eldest brother a peaceful and favorable 18 months of service.

In the posted video, the members took turns touching Jin’s new hairstyle, even giving their admiration for the handsome appearance of the “global handsome man” even though he shaved all his hair.

The members are really excited about Jin’s new hairstyle

When saying goodbye to the members, Jin sᴜddenly put his hand in his pocket and took out an item that he had prepared to take with him when performing his military service.

The eldest brother sᴜddenly took out the prepared item

Jin took out a gray earplug and put it on with the explanation: “This is a must-have item for soldiers. It keeps warm very well.”

The earplugs help BTS’ eldest brother keep warm in the cold weather at the end of the year

This item completely sᴜrprised ARMY. Previously, at the time of releasing his solo song and confiding about his enlistment, the eldest brother of BTS once confided that he wished to be able to perform military service in the summer, because he was extremely afraid of the cold.

Jin is famous for being the most afraid of the cold

Jin is the first member of BTS to enlist in the army. After the basic training, the male idol will be appointed to his military position and serve for 18 months.

Video  of Jin BTS’s enlistment ceremony: