BTS’s Jimin is reportedly featuring in Big 𝙱ang member’s new solo album

Previously, it was claimed that Taeyang was preparing to release a new solo album in January 2023. Now, according to industry insiders, BTS’s Jimin will be a featuring artist in Taeyang’s forthcoming album, making for a partnership that surpass all dreams and expectations.

Meanwhile, if reports of Taeyang’s solo comeback are accurate, then the Big Bang member would be releasing new songs for the first time in about 5 years.

Stay tuned for more information.

Stray Kids and BTS’s Jin Earn Circle Million Certifications; (G)I-DLE, LE SSERAFIM, TREASURE, and Other Artists Go Platinum

Circle Chart (previously Gaon Chart) has issued its most recent round of official certifications!

The Korea Music Content Industry Association launched a new album sales, song download, and internet streaming certification system in 2018.

Circle Chart released its newest album sales certifications on December 8! Albums are certified platinum at 250,000 sales and certified million once they reach a million copies sold.

Last month, Stray Kids’ agency JYP Entertainment confirmed that the group’s latest album “MAXIDENT” had achieved 3 million cumulative album sales, making them only the second Korean artist in history to become triple million-sellers with one album. Circle Chart has now officially awarded Stray Kids a triple million dollar certification for “MAXIDENT”!

Additionally obtaining a million certification was BTS’s Jin’s solo single album “The Astronaut.”

Platinum certifications were awarded this month to “TROUBLESHOOTER” by Kep1er and “THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER TWO” by TREASURE. LE SSERAFIM’s “ANTIFRAGILE” has gone double platinum after reaching 500,000 sales, while (G)I-“I DLE’s love” has now reached triple platinum with over 750,000 total sales.

Songs in the streaming category are certified platinum if they have received 100 million streams. This month, two songs received streaming certifications: IVE’s debut track “ELEVEN,” which went triple platinum after hitting 300 million plays, and AKMU’s 2019 ꜱmash “How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love,” which went triple platinum after surpassing 300 million streams.

Congratulations to all the artists!

What is the significance of Jimin (BTS) being called in the 2022 World Cup?

Not only in the Kpop fan community, Jimin (BTS) and the cartoon character CHIMMY are also immensely famous among football enthusiasts.

CHIMMY is a well-known cartoon character developed by Jimin himself.

The product is the most adored among fans in BTS’s BT21 collection and promptly “sold out” upon sale.

CHIMMY has sparked a stir in the football fan community by making an appearance in the audience during the FIFA World Cup 2022 event in Qatar.

Specifically, during the broadcast of the Korea-Portugal match, Korea’s MBC and SBS presented an image of a cheering sign printed with the character CHIMMY, which Korean fans used to support. Son Heung Min, captain, with his colleagues. BTS fans eagerly re-shared this moment on social media with astonishment and joy prior to the debut of CHIMMY. After that, when Korea officially overcame Portugal to progress to the next round, CHIMMY began to be nicknamed “Victory fairy” by many fans as a sign for luck.

Not only fans but many celebrities across the world also appreciate Jimin’s CHIMMY. For example, singer Shane Filan (Westlife), Halsey, MC Jimmy Fallon, American drummer and musician Luke Holland, Golfer who won the Olympic Gold Medal Park In Bee… all appeared beside this wonderful character.

Not less than CHIMMY, Jimin himself is incredibly popular in the football fan community.

Besides being an amazing singer, performer or dancer, everyone knows that the male idol also possesses expert soccer talents.

The BTS member has the opportunity to exhibit this through reality shows like “Run BTS” or “In The Soop”.

It is reported that when he was in school, Jimin used to play in a soccer team

Recently, Jimin was included in the conversation concerning Korea’s match versus Brazil in the 2022 World Cup. As a tribute to the male idol’s ability to play, fans have been asking when they will be able to play. On the field, you can see him. In addition, a video on social media has been extensively shared when the audience matched Jimin’s incredible somersault performance on stage “We Are Bulletproof pt.2” with the spectacular volley that player Richarlison de Andrade made it to help Brazil make it 2-0 in the match against Serbia. Furthermore, many netizens compared Jimin’s fаme in Kpop to that of Korean team leader Son Heung Min in football.