BTS’s Jin knows real ARMYs’ power after using them to hilariously ‘𝔱hreaten’ ‘Running Man’ staff

The most recent instance of “ARMY Power” use was by BTS’s Jin during his appearance on Running Man.

Since their debut, ARMYs have played a significant role in BTS’s careers, supporting them through all of their highs and lows while also seeing them develop and become more well-known.

However, it appears that BTS is completely cognizant of the influence and dread that ARMYs have on the individuals they deal with.

BTS’s Jin finally made his solo debut on the adored program Running Man on November 5.

Jin and the cast had several entertaining interactions throughout the episode, and some of the games caused a lot of chaos.

The teams occasionally spoke about the award for the victors and what the losers would receive. The staff said that the victorious team would receive jjampong, while the losing team would just receive a straightforward lunchbox.

Kim Jong Kook was astonished when they even announced that there wouldn’t be any ramen for the losers after it was revealed that they would just receive a lunchbox.

Even Jin was astonished by the basic supper the losers would receive, so it didn’t only appear to irritate Kim Jong Kook. The idol said, “Ah, I’ll weep if I lose,” to which Kim Jong Kook was the first to offer consolation, adding, “Aw, Jiniya.

Well, it appears that Jin had a plan in place to put the staff on the spot, and it all had to do with ARMYs. The idol is aware that ARMYs are prepared to figҺt for their band as soon as they learn about the “mistreatment” of BTS members. Of course, Jin was aware of this and his ultimatum unnerved the crew.

Maybe I should write on my Instagram that the ‘Running Man’ staff were mean.

— Jin

On Instagram, Jin has more than 41 million followers, including stars and members of the ARMY. Such a remark from Jin concerning the personnel might be harmful to the program.

When the video was uploaded, ARMYs were incensed that Jin had threatened them on a well-known Korean program. Of course, individuals who are unfamiliar with BTS or the ARMY can recognize the idol’s humor due to his appeal.

It’s not the first time a celebrity has felt threatened by ARMYs. In a 𝘙un BTS episode, Jin unleashed the might of ARMYs! …

Jin also made an appearance in a unique video on Park Myung Soo’s YouTube channel. Park Myung Soo was concerned about the response if the tale was disclosed when the two were relating a humorous narrative about their encounter in a restroom.

Although ARMYs like seeing fans engage with the members, they are also not hesitant to use whatever means at their disposal to defend BTS. It’s amusing that Jin is aware of this power and how it i𝚗timiԀates public figures.

The men in Running Man are envious of Song Ji Hyo’s response to BTS’s Jin

With his breathtaking good looks, talent, and charisma, BTS’s Jin has certainly lived up to the label “Worldwide Handsome” throughout the years. He has the ability to turn everyone into an ARMY that continually displays the best feelings when they come in contact with Jin, in particular.

It seems that a well-known individual had an equally well-known reply, and that someone is none other than Song Ji Hyo.

On November 6, the eagerly anticipated Running Man episode with Jin from BTS was broadcast. It featured a number of well-known moments that, as was to be expected, showed the idol’s true personality.

Depending on the vehicle they choose, the cast members had to determine before the start of the program whose team they would be on. The team’s commanders were Jin and Ji Suk Jin, and everyone else would ride in whichever vehicle the other cast members selected.

After the bulk of the cast members had made their selections, Song Ji Hyo, a female, was given the chance. Ji Hyo made the expected decision to choose her automobile with conviction and reason.

She didn’t seem too impressed when she opened the door. Her demeanor went expressionless, as though she understood what had just happened. Her remark turned out to be rather humorous when the other passengers revealed that BTS’s Jin was in the other car.

Song Ji Hyo hastily got out of the car and headed to the other van in search of Jin. When she got there, Kim Jong Kook hesitated to let her in the car, but she was eager about the chance to meet Jin.

She managed to unlock the door and was so quick to react that even Jong Kook was taken aback by how she welcomed Jin. Many online commentators stated that he was actually jealous of Song Ji Hyo’s enthusiasm because of their “on-screen relationship.”

I wish I had chosen this vehicle, Song Ji Hyo exclaimed as she struck Kim Jong Kook, emphatically regretting her choice.

When the video went viral, online viewers were enthralled by her emotions. Due to the fact that Song Ji Hyo seldom seemed that passionate over male guests, which made her relatable AF to ARMYs, those who watched the program understood how unusual it was.

The interactions between Jin and the cast were without a doubt amazing, and the performance as a whole was truly timeless. It seems that Jin’s attractiveness may even i𝚗timiԀate famous people into joining the ARMY.