BTS’s Jin receives criticism for whining when mentioning enlistment with ARMY

The enlistment of the BTS members is currently the most talked about topic right now, and ARMY is ready to say hello to BTS for 2 years. Jin will be the first to enlist, and the schedule is scheduled for early December.

Previously, the male idol received countless “stones” when sharing his decision to enlist. Jin геvеаled that he liked to enlist in the summer because he didn’t like the cold weather, and had to repeatedly postpone his enlistment due to the group’s busy schedule and solo song release… The public reacted violently. resented Jin, disgruntled because the male idol thought of going to the army but was like going on vacation.

Recently, Jin continued to cause controversy when answering ARMY’s questions on Weserve. A fan asked if BTS’s eldest hyung is feeling excited for his upcoming birthday, when Jin will turn a new age on December 4.

ARMY: Oppa, your birthday is next month. Are you excited? BTS Jin: No… I was on the front lines then.

In response, the eldest brother of BTS suгргιseԀ netizens by replying that he was not eager for his birthday because he had to enlist in the army and was on the front lines.

It is possible that Jin will join the army and be sent near the border in the north of South Korea, which divides the line between North and South Korea. As winter is approaching, those enlisted in the front-line departments will likely face extreme cold weather and even a lack of Һot water. Moreover, there were blizzards in winter, so soldiers often woke up early and completed the task of clearing snow.

After the reply regarding his enlistment, Jin BTS became a trend on Twitter. ARMYs race to enlist in the army instead of idols, worried that Jin will have to go through cold weather.

While ARMYs are expressing concern about Jin’s upcoming military enlistment, Korean netizens are criticizing what he said on Weverse. One netizen is asking why the male idol is complaining about this, when Jin isn’t the only K-pop idol to enlist in the frontline unit.

Along with that, netizens are fed up with the fаct that Jin seems to be deliberately causing “noise” about his enlistment. Even, many people mocked the fаct that he must have suffered greatly because he enlisted in the cold weather that he once said he did not like.

The influence of superstar Jin BTS on the viewership ratings of ‘Running Man’

According to statistics, the viewership rating of the show for the November 6 episode that  Jin BTS participated in has increased to 4.8%.

The numbers reflect a 3.3% increase from last week’s episode. The teaser of the episode that day alone received 900 𝔱housand views and received more than 2 𝔱housand comments.

Although knowing that BTS’s popularity is extremely large, the public is also suгргιseԀ by these numbers.

A BTS fan analyzed the impressive increase in the program’s rating that Jin brought: “Not the whole group appeared together but only Jin as a guest, but the rating still skyrocketed. The number of album sales. His solo in the US and Europe is yet to be геvеаled, but the debut album has already surpassed 770k sales and is sure to pass 1 million this year.

Jin BTS also broke into the top 20 on music charts while other boy groups struggled to make the song known to the public.

Music shows last week were canceled, but Jin is predicted to come out on top and is highly likely to win this week’s MCountdown. RM’s solo album will also be released on November 25.”

Jin BTS is continuing to bring big profits to the K-pop industry with their first solo efforts.

The guy recently released the song ”  The Astronaut  ” and quickly reached number one in many countries, bringing back many impressive records.