BTS’s Jin ꜱuddenly ‘captured’ MAMA 2022 with a special appearance

It is not suгргιsing that the MAMA 2022 awards ceremony is an extremely brilliant event in the career for BTS members. Along with J-Hope’s epic performance, BTS won many group awards and also individual awards.

BTS is still the “king of K-pop” that is hard to replace

Along with countless “pocketed” awards on the 2nd night, BTS also won the MAMA PLATINUM award, a prestigious trophy given to artists who won all 4 Daesangs in the same year.

BTS receives MAMA PLATINUM award

Surely this achievement in K-pop will not be achieved by anyone but BTS!

J-Hope came to receive the award on behalf of the group

As the only representative to attend MAMA 2022, J-Hope gave a touching speech, thanking the love from the fans for making the group successful as it is today. The male rapper also did not forget to thank the 6 members, his second “family”.

Most of all, J-Hope brought a gift to all ARMYs who were present at the awards ceremony as well as watching the online broadcast. And that “gift” is Jin’s special appearance!


Specifically, J-Hope made a phone call to BTS’ eldest brother right in the middle of his acceptance speech and explained, “Jin hyung said he has something to tell you!”.

J-Hope also humorously геvеаled that he was also quite worried at the thought that Jin might not pick up the phone, but fortunately, the voice of the handsome boy BTS quickly resounded throughout the hall.

The 2 BTS members made the audience laugh when they were “cry” right on the stage. When J-Hope геvеаled that he was on stage with his victory speech, Jin immediately replied, “How can you call at a time like this?”.

After that, Jin greeted the fans and said that he felt very happy when the group received such a big award. Of course, the male idol then got very excited when he shouted “ARMY” to express his joy, but then did not forget to thank the members.

Just when J-Hope was about to end the conversation with “I love you, hyung”, Jin ꜱuddenly said that he still had something to confess.

However, instead of talking about the award, BTS’ eldest brother sent his best wishes to ARMY with a warm advice, “The weather is getting colder, so please dress warmly when going out”.

Jin ended the conversation by saying that although he will not appear for the next 2 years due to his military service, the male idol promises to come back soon and create great music for ARMY: “I will Do your military service and come back healthy!”.

After this special appearance, ARMY’s emotions reached a peak. On social networks, many accounts shared how meaningful it was to hear Jin’s voice before his enlistment. And only J-Hope can perfectly convey all of the group’s emotions to ARMY!

BTS and the winners of MAMA 2022

The fаct that BTS won the prestigious achievement cup did not suгргιse fans with the fаct that MAMA 2022 and YG Entertainment officially “made up”.

On November 30, the second and last night of the “MAMA 2022” took place at Kyocera Dome, Osaka with the participation of actor Park Bo Gum as MC.

Actor Park Bo Gum hosted the 2nd night of MAMA 2022

During the show’s 1st Day event on November 29, the awards were for Global Icon of the Year, Favorite New Artist, Global Fan’s Choice (Bonsang), Yogibo Artist Most Favorite Chill and Favorite Asian Artist were awarded.

Standing at the peak of their career, BTS this year still holds the cup at MAMA 2022. J-Hope is the member representing the group to receive the Artist of the Year, Album of the Year and Best Male Group awards.

J-Hope represents BTS to receive the award at MAMA 2022

Besides, this year’s awards ceremony also has a new cup named MAMA PLATINUM for artists who won 4 Daesang awards in the same year. And it seems that no group can take home this award but BTS!

BTS takes home the MAMA PLATINUM achievement award

Rookie girl group IVE also “abundant” awards at MAMA 2022 last night.

Excellent rookie IVE brought home 3 cups even though it’s only been a year since debut

The girls hugged about the awards for Best New Female Artist (Rookie Award) and Best Dance Performance by Female Group.

Most surprisingly, the song ”  Love Dive  ” helped 6 members win the Daesang song of the year category. This is an extremely impressive achievement of K-pop when IVE is only 1 year old, but has had a significant influence on music.

The girls won the Song of the Year Daesang with the song Love Dive

Finally, the fаct that Blackpink ꜱuddenly appeared in an interview with MAMA 2022 made the audience completely suгргιsed. It must be known that YG and MAMA have “faced” each other since 2015 due to disagreements, so the “pet chicken” appearing this year shows a sign of reconciliation between the two sides.

Blackpink ꜱuddenly appeared at MAMA 2022

Blackpink also took home the awards for Best Girl Group and Best Music Video of MAMA 2022.

The group brought home 2 big awards this year

Full list of day 2 winners at MAMA 2022:


Artist of the Year: BTS

Album of the Year: BTS ( PROOF )

Song of the Year: IVE ( Love Dive )

Best Music Video: Blackpink ( Pink Venom )

Best Male Group: BTS

Best Girl Group: Blackpink

Best New Artist (Male): Xdinary Heroes

Best New Artist (Female): IVE

Favorite Girl Group : (G)I-DLE

Popular group: Stray Kids

Favorite Male Artist: J-Hope BTS

Best Male Artist : Im Young Woong

Best Female Artist: Nayeon Twice

Best Collaboration: PSY ft Suga BTS ( That That )

Best Dance Performance (Solo): Suga BTS ft. PST ( That’s That )

Best Dance Performance (Boy Group): SEVENTEEN ( HOT )

Best Dance Performance (Girl Group): IVE ( Love Dive )

Best Vocal Performance (Group): BIGBANG ( Still Life )

Best Vocal Performance (Solo): Taeyeon SNSD ( Invu )

Best Performance Band: Xdinary Heroes ( Happy Death Day )

Best Hip Hop & Urban Song: Jay Park ( GANADARA ft. IU )

Best Soundtrack: MeloMance ( Love, Maybe from A Business Proposal)

Breakthrough Producer: Min Hee Jin

Artists leading global music trends: Zico

Inspirational Achievement: Jaurim