BTS’s Jungkook affirms his love for a young woman and asks to be his girlfriend

Everything suggested that the idol had developed feelings for a young “female” who he had met in a restaurant, and the performer told him:

“You’re so cute… I want you to be my girlfriend”

The cute “female” in question was actually a member of BTS, notably Suga, who was trying on a woman’s attire. As a result, the comment from the idol was a joke.

Despite being a prank, it led to some rumors about them for many internet users, and it is one of the funniest moments since Suga looked stunning when she eventually put on the dress.

A heated controversy over the situation that fans “flooded” the mailboxes of newly enlisted soldiers because of Jin (BTS)

On December 13, Jin (BTS) officially enlisted at the training center in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province. This is one of the harshest areas in Korea, sometimes the temperature drops to -20 degrees Celsius, so ARMYs are extremely worried about the health and sleep of the eldest BTS brother.

Many fans have taken to the forum “The Camp” – a place to connect soldiers and families, to set up a mailbox called “Love room for the family of the soldier of the 5th Division”, writing many messages. , regards to Jin. However, the act of “flooding” the common mailbox of a part of ARMY caused a heated controversy because it affected the soldiers who joined the army with Jin and their families.

A fan expressed concern that Jin is allergic to potatoes, garlic and fish, prompting The Camp operator to harshly reply, “This is not a kindergarten. The military controls this, and you. Take care of your own diet.”

The messages for Jin also appeared so much, that the families of many other rookies were upset: “There are too many posts about Jin, so I can’t see the important announcement”, “Jin is not a rеal person.” The only one to enlist in the army, please refrain”, “This is not a fancafe”, “I have a hard time finding information about my son”…

ARMYs wrote too many messages to Jin, causing the messages of other soldiers’ families to be lost

Faced with this situation, The Camp decided to open a separate bulletin board for Jin in the mailbox of the 5th division. The forum moderator explained that the section 5 community mailbox is where parents, friends, colleagues The careers of active-duty and demobilized service members of the 5th Division can show mutual support and encouragement. The mailbox does not have a direct communication function with soldiers being trained in the 5th division.

The Camp moderator asks ARMY to stop posting messages to idols because if the traffic increases, the server will stop working, relatives and other soldiers will not receive messages from their family and friends. . Writing a handwritten letter to Jin is also not recommended, because it will cause more trouble for the person on duty in the 5th Division, possibly affecting the training process. “If you want to send a message to Jin, fans please use the Weverse app” – The Camp moderator said.

After this announcement, many ARMYs reminded each other to stop sending messages in the shared mailbox. Previously, Jin expressed his wish to keep the date and location of his enlistment sеcrеt in order to avoid affecting those around him. On December 13, the eldest brother of BTS also drove a car straight to the training center, not getting off to avoid causing a disturbancе.