BTS’s Jungkook and a series of ‘like two drops of water’ moments with World Cup mascot – La’eeb

On the social network Twitter, fans have “digged” many moments of Jung Kook that are similar to La’eeb. The posts received thousands of “hearts” from netizens. Not only collages, fans also produced lovely  chibi  pictures of the duo.

La’eeb and Jungkook both have big, bright eyes and dumpling cheeks. – Photo: @seoulbondedsoul

La’eeb and Jung Kook’s expressions are like two drops of water. – Photo: @starfess

Photo: @noirrmg

Even though it’s an adult version of Jung Kook… – Photo: @kkyukirby

…or children are like La’eeb rеal people. – Photo: @indomyfess

A fan gave La’eeb a lip piercing and advised him to “look at Jungkook” better. Photo: @kooliac

The chibi version of Jung Kook and La’eeb at the opening night of the 2022 World Cup was redrawn by fans and received nearly 4K hearts of netizens (up to now). – Photo: @deirikaa

BTS’s “golden maknae” caused a storm on global social networks with his handsome appearance and confident demeanor, performed the title song ” Dreamers  ” , becoming the first K-Pop star to perform at the biggest football festival. planet.

La’eeb again impressed with a unique appearance, making viewers a little startled because it resembled the cheerful g̵host of Casper, hovering in the stadium. La’eeb-printed objects are creating a “craze” on platforms, being sought after by many people.

FIFA directly invited Jungkook (BTS) to perform at the World Cup, not by sponsors

Putting aside all doubts about the appearance of Jung Kook (BTS) at the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup is thanks to the main sponsor of the tournament, FIFA confirmed that he directly contacted to invite the male idol without going over. Tuesday.

On the evening of November 20, Jungkook had an explosive performance on the stage of the opening ceremony of  the Qatar 2022 World Cup  . The youngest member of BTS has attracted the attention of audiences around the world. A question asked by many netizens: ”  Why would a K-Pop star perform at the first World Cup season held in the Middle East  ?”.

Some netizens commented,  “Thanks to the influence of the main sponsor of the World Cup – Hyundai Motor, Jungkook was able to perform on the opening ceremony stage”  . This may be based on the fаct that BTS has released the song  Yet To Come (Hyundai Ver)  under the  Goal of the Century  project as the official advertising model of  Hyundai Motor.

However, in the November 22 article of the Chosun Ilbo newspaper, a representative of the  World Cup  organizing committee said that FIFA directly contacted the headquarters of HYBE (the US branch) and BigHit Music, without through Hyundai Motor or any intermediaries. Although FIFA did not Ԁisclose the specific reason, it can be seen that FIFA targeted Jungkook early for the position of a performer at the opening night.

Korean media also made many predictions about the reason why Jung Kook was the singer who performed the opening ceremony of  the 2022 World Cup  . With the message that the host country as well as FIFA towards this year’s World Cup is solidarity, peace, multiculturalism, the story that BTS and fans tell through music is similar to the above message. It is to raise a voice to respect differences and multiculturalism.

BTS has represented many times to speak on important global issues.

In addition, based on the media index after the opening ceremony, the names of BTS and Jungkook proved that FIFA’s choice was the right one. When the boys’ fаme helped the title track to be mentioned more globally.