BTS’s proves he always has his eye on ARMYs’ comments through his latest post

Fans saw a glimmer of V while eagerly waiting for him to return to social media by like numerous Instagram images from members like RM and J-Hope.

V is still active even if he hasn’t blogged lately. When a lucky admirer informed him they missed him, a sneaky V responded!

ARMY: Taehyung-ah I missed you so much😭 I don’t feel like working😭😭

V: Woah how did you know [I was here]?

V: Hi!

Fans are hoping that the enjoyable manner he may have returned to Instagram when he was on Weverse will stick.

ARMY: Taehyung-ssi I hope you come to Instagram sometimes too!

V: Let’s do an “Ask Me Anything” sometime

Hopefully V will visit Instagram again to respond to ARMY’s pressing inquiries.

…and leave us with more unforgettable occasions like these.

Even his Instagram tales from behind-the-scenes feature some of ARMY’s favorite exclusive videos.

We eagerly await V’s upcoming postings!

During the Busan performance practice, BTS ARMY yells when V is wearing an off-the-shoulder blouse and Jungkook unbuttons it

During their practice in Busan, BTS members’ previous antics caused the crowd to scream and shout in frustration. On Friday night, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook practiced on stage before the show. Online, there are many videos and images of the participants. Fans have recently started posting a video of V, nicknamed Kim Taehyung, singing being mocked by the other members while donning an off-the-shoulder red blouse.

BTS's Jungkook Undresses V During "Yet To Come In Busan" Concert Rehearsal - Koreaboo

In the footage, which was released in segments, V knotted the strings on the members’ purple hoods, and then Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook began yanking at his shirt. In one of the videos, Jungkook teases V by trying to take his shirt out of its buttoned position. Another participant unbuttoned his shirt to reᴠeal his 𝚗aked ƅreast.

Later, V wore the outfit below his shoulder, which caused followers to yell. In addition, he posed in front of Jungkook and made him laugh.

The ARMY of BTS followers responded to the videos on Twitter. A person wrote, “I didn’t know this was the kind of rehearsal they were talking about.” Another fan said, “The whole Jungkook-undressing-Taehyung interaction. LOUD screaming and cursing.” A tweet read, “Taehyung showing Jungkook the result of what he started the Jungkook giving him the biggest smile on his face.”

“So let me get this straight. JK unbuttoned and pulled Tae’s shirt Ԁown. He got shy and walked away. JK called him over to pull it Ԁown AGAIN. Tae turned around and stood in front of JK, reᴠealling both his shoulders, and the other members pulled it Ԁown even more… yeah I’m not ok!” wrote another fan.

“They do unholy things,” tweeted a fan. “Taehyung fixing Jungkook’s hoodie so he can see his face. And then he got undressed by Jungkook right after that,” wrote a person on Twitter. “JK be like cover your chest. Tae said no so JK went like ‘Ok you asked for it’ and starts undressing him,” said another person.

V sent a message for fans on Weverse in advance of their show. He wrote, “I’m worried because there aren’t any seats on the stand for today’s performance. It’s nice to come to see us up close, but it’s even better for the standing ARMYs to see it safely, so don’t push it and take ϲare of the people in front of you.”