𝑅eveal BTS’s richest member’s net worth 2022

Park Jimin, better known by his stage name Jimin, gained international recognition after making his debut in 2013 as the lead dancer and vocalist of the seven-member boy band BTS.


After making his debut, Jimin proceeded to prosper, gain notoriety, and establish himself as one of the most popular and successful K-pop stars.

Jimin has been busy since his debut, both with BTS and independently. How did the proprietor of the popular song With You get wealthy given that you have been in the business for more than nine years?

Jimin’s net worth in 2022

The 27-year-old BTS member is thought to be worth $26 million as of this year, according to Seoul Space.

However, BTS Jimin’s net worth could be as high as $28 million.

Given the enormous success Jimin and the other BTS members have had in the years since their debut, it is not ᴜnexpected that Jimin has a high estimated net worth. Additionally, they enjoy the support of a passionate and committed fan following.


Is Jimin, who earns about $26 million annually, the group’s richest member? No, Jimin is not the richest member of J-Hope, who presently holds that distinction.

How did Jimin generate income?

Jimin’s salary as a member of BTS accounts for a sizable portion of his wealth. specifically from the group’s earnings from their official merchandise, music releases, and promotional endeavors. In addition, Jimin makes a significant amount of money through his BTS contracts and television appearances.

The group’s talent and appearance fees are likely to be as high as their notoriety given that BTS is a well recognized musical act, especially given that they are a purported celebrity with influence. and strong brand strength globally.

Jimin’s success BTS 2022: How deep is “With Youvoice? “‘s – Image 3. BTS also has a collective net worth of more than $100 million USD. Additionally, sources claim that Jimin receives a basic income of roughly $8 million year. Jimin has a net worth of $24 after subtracting different income from sources, since he also owns 68,000 shares of HYBE Labels, valued at about $16 million. other.

Jimin receives royalties from the tracks he has written when it comes to music. Jimin is recognized as a songwriter for various BTS songs as well as his solo songs in addition to being a performer.

Jimin also provided vocals for the With You soundtrack, which has achieved success on both domestic and international music charts, for the tvN Ԁrama Our Blues.

How the group’s eldest brother is treated is disclosed by Jin BTS in BTS discusses how the group’s eldest brother is treated. 11/8/2022 11:26 What keeps Jin BTS in his luggage at all times? What keeps Jin BTS in his luggage at all times? 09/11/2022 11:01 Jimin featured as a guest on programs including Hello Counselor, Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, and God’s Workplace in addition to participating on broadcasts with BTS.

A significant portion of Jimin BTS’s income comes from his personal Instagram account. According to reports, BTS members may make up to $761,000 each sponsored post and a minimum of $63,000 with 45.5 million followers.

Jimin will reportedly release his solo album in 2023, according to reports. Jimin’s income is predicted to grow Ԁramatically if this goes forward.

Jimin’s most famous ϲrаzy moments in BTS include crashing chairs, figҺting with Suga, and the carbonara gaffe

Once you Jimin, you can’t Jim-out, as the ARMY says. One of the vocalist’s numerous skills is acting silly, whether it is on his V-Live, the variety program Run BTS, or even simply in front of the camera. The singer has provided fans with countless moments over the last ten years, including verbally sparring with Suga, treating his bicycle like a horse, getting lost in games, overlooking famous people, wreaking havoc in Mafia, and attempting to cook.

Following are some of Jimin’s most memorable ARMY moments:

This plays a significant role in BTS legend. The Run BTS cast members were split into into groups for an episode. The participating team would get a word from the opposing team, and they were required to relay it to the following player. Earbuds would be worn by both parties. Jimin jumbled up most of his words, but carbonara was the most obvious one. J-Hope was frantically attempting to explain what was going on to Jimin, but he was unable to understand. Jimin kept asking, “Tony Montana?” instead. Finally, he simply said, “Lachimolala,” to Jin who had to utter the word aloud. Jin eventually figured out that the term was carbonara.

Jimin is rather reserved about his command of the English language, but with RM’s encouragement, he has become much more outspoken. When asked to sum himself up in three terms during an interview, he responded, “Sexy, cute, and gorgeous.” After a concert, Jimin once continued shouting, “You are all gorgeous,” to the ARMY. Jimin has a terrible propensity to cling onto a phrase and never let go. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Later, behind the scenes, Jimin repeated those same comments, obviously unable to go on.