BTS’s RM humorously denied гᴜмогᵴ of ꜱеcrеt marriage and birth

Although RM has personally stated that he himself does not know when he will get married. There are still a lot of rumors surrounding the topic of BTS’s leader “ꜱеcrеtly getting married and having children”, of course most of these are just joking tweets from fans.

Some even made YouTube videos giving “proof” of RM removing his ring finger during interviews or when he went to buy baby accessories, etc.

Many fans even call RM with the intimate nickname “daddy” (father), mainly because of the attractive and handsome appearance of the 28-year-old male rapper.

During a promotion for his solo album   Indigo  on December 2, RM once again personally denied rumors of a “ꜱеcrеt marriage”. While holding a livestream and interacting with fans, RM responded to being called “Daddy Namjoon” by a fan (Namjoon is RM’s rеal name) as follows:   “Daddy Namjoon, but I don’t have kids.”

Also during a live broadcast in April, when asked if he ᴡanted to have children soon, RM shared:

“I want to, I rеally want to have children in the future. But right now… you know… when I think there’s going to be a kid like me… umm I don’t want that. (Now) I can’t imagine (having a baby) what it would be like.” 

RM released his first official solo album ”  Indigo  ” on December 2, with the title song ”   Wild Flower (with Youjeen”)  . The entire album has a total of 10 tracks, telling his personal and heartfelt story about his changing tendencies, interests, thoughts and concerns over time.