BTS’s RM is preparing to hold a concert introducing new album ‘Indigo’

Allkpop reported, on November 23, Big Нit Music геvеаled that RM (BTS) is planning to release various content for his upcoming solo album promotions “Indigo”.

The leader of BTS will release a solo album on December 2. Photo: Xinhua

Along with the release of album promotional content, RM will hold a small-scale concert with about 200 spectators present, lasting about 1 hour, at a concert hall in Seoul. The audience present at RM’s solo concert was selected by a random lottery system.

The concert will take place on December 5 at 8 pm (KST). Previously, the album “Indigo” of the leader of BTS was set to be released at 2pm on December 2.

In early November, RM recorded a song in collaboration with rock band Cherry Filter. This is also one of the songs on RM’s solo album.

In a recent interview between RM and rapper/music producer Pharrell Williams in Rolling Stone magazine, Pharrell confirmed that he will be collaborating with BTS for a song from his upcoming album – the album “Phriends”.

At the same time, the owner of the Һit “Happy” has expressed his wish to collaborate with leader RM in his upcoming solo album, although nothing has been confirmed in the interview, but fans still expect Pharrell and RM to actually have a song together.

On November 22, RM also went to the US to carry out a personal schedule. This makes the male rapper’s fans even more hopeful for the collaboration products with many international artists in the upcoming album “Indigo”.

Most popular Korean stars: BTS is only in the top 3, Blackpink, TWICE are lost

In Daily Sports Korea’s survey of the most popular Korean stars, ꜱuddenly BTS only ranked in the top 3. Meanwhile, the top 2 girl groups  Blackpink , TWICE did not enter the top 10.

Accordingly, in a poll commissioned by Daily Sports Korea for the Korea Public Opinion Reputation Research Institute (KOPRA) and conducted using a computer-aided web survey (CAWI) method based on the Korean research sample and sampling error is 3.1% at 95% confidence level and 13% response rate on the popularity of stars in Korea.

The results are suгргιsing when the top stars who are loved like BTS and Blackpink are not in the top 1. Specifically, the results show that the most popular person is Yoo Jae Seok (accounting for 7.6% of the audience). result).

Meanwhile, in the top 2 is the top female solo singer Kpop IU. Accordingly, she won 5.0% of the votes from the audience.

Meanwhile, BTS and Kim Hye Soo both ranked third with 2.3% of the results.

The remaining artists in the top 10 from 4th to 10th respectively include: Choi Bul Am (2.2%), Lim Young Woong (2%), Nam Goong Min (1.9%), Hyun Bin (1, 2%), Park Bo Gum (1.1%), Gong Yoo and Na Hoon Ah (1%).

Thus, in this list, there is no appearance of Blackpink and TWICE even though these are the 2 top Kpop girl groups at the moment. However, according to many viewers, this ranking is only relative, it is impossible to confirm that these two girl groups have no place in the hearts of the public in Korea.