BTS’s RM’s ‘Bicycle’ Leads iTunes Charts In 26 Countries

The rapper and BTS leader reached the milestone on Wednesday at noon, with “Bicycle,” which was released for free on the global music platform SoundCloud in June of last year.

Based on his experience riding his bike through South Korea’s capital, he wrote and composed the song.

On Tuesday, RM officially released “Bicycle” on major local music platforms such as Melon, Genie, and Bugs!, as well as global platforms such as Apple Music and YouTube Music.

Her first solo album, “Indigo,” is set to be released on December 2.

The image provided by cable channel tvN shows BTS’s RM.(Its resale and archiving is prohibited)

Jin “peeled” Park Myung Soo’s apathy when BTS was not famous

Many seniors loathed BTS when they initially emerged.

When their fаme spread throughout the world, BTS was ready to face the old story while remaining polite and joyful.

BTS rarely appears on entertainment programs; only when the group promotes each member’s independent endeavors will the Big Hit lads appear on the gameshow.

Jin appeared on Park Myung Soo’s chat show during the promotion for the song The Astronaut.

The two геvеаled many genuine and amusing moments, but also many suгргιses, especially BTS’ elder brother’s statements.

When BTS was not as famous as it is now and accidentally ran into comedian Park Myung Soo in the toilet, the group quickly greeted their seniors and asked to take a photo with them, but they were refused.

When Jin brought up the old story, the male comedian was confused and didn’t know what to say; he said he was washing his hands and had just gone to the toilet, so it wasn’t convenient to receive his juniors.

When Jin retold the old story, Park Myung Soo became perplexed – Photo: Internet

Park Myung Soo told this story on the KBS Cool FM Radio show in 2021.

“I initially met BTS in 2014, when they were still a relatively unknown group. We happened to bump into each other in the washroom, and the group asked if we could take a picture together. ‘Come on, let’s go,’ I said. Go’.

The group was globally famous when I met them again in 2018.

When I encountered them at the Gimpo airport restroom, I greeted them cheerfully.

It’s no suгргιse that these youngsters are so popular.

In the past, I should have treated them better.”

BTS of the past and present – Photo: Internet

Netizens commended BTS’s eldest sibling for handling the situation effectively, citing the fаct that Jin was once unwelcome but maintained a pleasant demeanor and joked with Park Myung Soo. In the program, the two cheerfully share and exchange contact information. Jin even set up a tennis match between himself and the comedian.

This tale was once contentious, but BTS fans were much more devastated when the group was ignored by their seniors when they did not have as many wonderful successes as they do now.

Some netizens commented, “I don’t like many big stars who always look down on rookie idols,” “This isn’t funny at all, Park Myung Soo only regrets when BTS is popular, right?” and “With BTS’s current status, many people must regret looking down on them.”

Jungkook took part in the reality show Flower Crew for the first time without the other members in 2016.

When the male idol bought hamburgers for the cast of the show as a greeting for the first time meeting, he was kind and thoughtful.

However, Jo Se Ho and Kang Jang Hoon purposefully ignored Jungkook when he invited them to eat, viewing every phrase as “a breeze in the ear.”

Se Ho was also very disrespectful in not allowing everyone in the team to consume cake and claiming that he had purchased leftovers here.

The male artist then urged Jungkook to throw away the entire cake because they didn’t want to see the food anymore.

When Jungkook went on a reality show, his seniors neglected him. Photographer: Vlive

Because the show aired live with no cuts, fans were irritated by Jo Se Ho’s treatment of people when disrespecting and bullying “new ghosts.”

When the ꜱcandal erupted, the comic was forced to apologize and explain that it was simply a misunderstanding.

Jungkook had the opportunity to reunite with the person who had hurt him four years later in the show You Quiz on the Block, hosted by MCs Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Se Ho.

“The last time I met Jungkook was 5 years ago, he looks so different now,” Yoo Jae Suk said of Jungkook, to which Jo Se Ho added, “I think he’s much cooler.”

Jungkook геvеаled that he actively sought out Jo Se Ho prior to filming the show.

Fans have complimented the guy born in 1997 on his sweet demeanor.

The two meet again after 4 years – Photo: Internet