BTS’s SUGA And V show their couple tattoos proving close friendship lasted for 10 years

Since they first disclosed it, the members’ friendship tattoos have held special significance for BTS and ARMY. Therefore, we are all eager to examine the tattoos of the 7 members in greater detail.

Although 5/7 of the members have made their tattoos public, the other 2 members are still a mystery to ARMYs. The artist who inked all 7 BTS members recently disclosed that he will soon upload a photo of the group’s friendship tattoo to celebrate this.

Many ARMYs are thrilled with this news and hope to see them soon:

As everyone is aware, BTS members all have friendship tattoos with the number 7 to mark their ten years of being a group. The number 7 is the eternal number that ARMY and BTS value most, and it is represented by the tattoo.

The locations of the members’ tattoos were then progressively made public by the group. Three days before BTS’s tenth anniversary, RM was the first to release a photograph of the seventh tattoo position. Then, J-hope, Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook alternatively displayed the beauty of their number 7 tattoos on their heels, fingers, waists, and behind their ears for the audience.

Only two members, SUGA and V, have never explicitly геvеаled ARMY the full extent of their tattoos. Even SUGA and V make fun of the ARMYs for discovering tattoos. Although ARMYs discover numerous images allegedly showing their tattoos, it has never been proven to be accurate or fraudulent.

But hopefully ARMY won’t have to wait too long, as the artist who created BTS’s tattoos will soon make it public and tell us where SUGA and V got their ink. In particular, the tattoo artist known as polyc sj, who once inked Jungkook’s entire arm, геvеаled in a post that he was the one who gave BTS the 7 friendship tattoo.

Additionally, he discussed how he traded with other members to acquire everyone the most significant tattoo possible. In addition, he delivered wonderful news when he mentioned that friendship tattoos would soon be put on his personal page and that, due to their particular significance, no other clients would be allowed to get them.

The posted was published by polyc_sj as follows:  “Thanks to BTS RM!

BTS Freedship body art 7Hello. I’m the tattoo artist POLYC. The friendship tattoo that BTS members have on their bodies has garnered a lot of interest. After extensive conversation with the members, we decided to work on it in order to more effectively convey what friendship amongst BTS members means.

We won’t create BTS friendship tattoos for anyone other than the members, and no commercial sales of friendship tattoo designs will be made in an effort to keep the trend alive. In the future, this account will display tattoo pictures of the members.

If you have any questions about tattoos, please contact @polycshop, and if you have any questions about the POLYC brand, please contact

This implies that ARMYs will soon receive the recognition for V and SUGA’s tattoos that we have been seeking so long. ARMYs are currently very enthusiastic about this announcement:

– So we are finally getting to see Yoongis and Taehyung’s tattoos clear picture

– We will get taegis tattoos???????

– The teasing came to an end finally

– Woow I’m so excited finally we got to see Taegi Tattoos

– finally we’re going to see yoongi’s & tae’s tattoo

– Finally we can see yoongi and taehyung tattoos

– Taegense is finally going to be over

– The taegi”s mystery tattoo will be ending soon 

– Min Yoongi…the time has come…

– I’m excited for Yoongi but like are we getting shirtless Seokjin AGAIN? OMG