BTS’s V caught shirtless swimming on Mexican beaches

The young guy of only 26 years old has acquired genuinely astounding success in the entertainment business since the introduction of his own Instagram account.

It is no ꜱеcrеt that the BTS boys are the most popular male idols in the world, amassing a massive fan base known as the “ARMY,” who are extremely loyal and can be found in all regions of the world, giving the boys unconditional affection.

The “Sweet Night” singer was recently spotted taking a relaxing swim on a Mexican beach. The location is not specified, but it is clear that the young man is having fun with his friends during the group’s break.

It was recently геvеаleɗ that V of BTS came to Mexico to compete in a cooking event among other South Korean superstars. This was the first time the idol was seen exiting what appeared to be a motel.

He is seen in these new images enjoying the Mexican seas while posing with his thin body and several buddies. The revelation has undoubtedly delighted the group’s fans, as Kim Taehyung had not visited the Aztec country since 2017.

BTS opens an official pop-up store at the O2 Arena

Today, K-pop sensation BTS opened their own pop-up shop in London.

BTS Pop-Up: Space of BTS in London provides a variety of immersive businesses and photo ops based after the boyband’s hits, such as Black Swan, ON, MIC Drop, and DNA. The store sells authentic BTS merchandise like as apparel, plush toys, and lifestyle accessories.

Everything else you need to know is included here.

When is the BTS pop-up store going to be open?

The BTS pop-up store officially launched on Friday, December 9, and will remain open until January 31, 2023.

It will be open from 10 a.m. every day except Christmas Day and January 31, when it will open at 11 a.m.

Check the store closing times before going because each week has a different schedule.

What is available at the BTS pop-up store?

The pop-up shop will sell limited-edition items such as In The Soop merchandise from BTS’s reality show. TinyTAN cartoon figures modeled on the members of the boyband will also get a particular place in it.

To provide a good experience for consumers, the store has set a maximum number of people allowed in.

“Each region offers an immersive experience, emphasized in iconic colors with instagrammable places that utilize themed backdrops,” according to the website.

Where can I find the BTS Pop-Up Store?

The BTS Pop-Up is located at The O2, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX, with the nearest Tube stop being North Greenwich.

When you spend £35 or more at Icon Outlet, you will receive four hours of free parking. On your departure, bring your parking ticket and receipts to the welcome desk, which is located at the main entrance.