BTS’s V clearly геvеаl the ‘two-faced’ in the photofolio ‘Us, Ours yourself, and BTS, ‘We’

V used two notions to show off the simple duality he is known for.

V appears innocent and sweet in the “K-retro Sports Day” concept while sporting a well-fitting tracksuit.

He presents a mature image in the “Self-Camera” concept while sporting black shirt and jeans.

V has a naturally endearing and photogenic personality, and fans may recognize scenes from a teen Ԁrama in some of the photo ꜱhoot video’s clips of him.

V, although not being in high school anymore, has wonderfully captured the idea of youth with his masculine physique and upbeat demeanor.

Teams of players ƅаttlе against one another in a variety of games. V lost the game, but he succeeded in winning fans with his endearing and enjoyable personality.

V wore a yellow hat during a photo ꜱhoot to bring back memories of his adorable performance with BTS in 2016.

Netizens commented on a trending PannNate post as follows:

“V is usually a comedian”.

“The white team won a landslide with their skills but the blue team got the trophy for their cuteness haha”.

“The lace-up with the sleeves is really wow…cute.”

“V is really the most handsome and handsome.”

6 K-pop idols with famous selfie poses: BTS, Seventeen, Astro

K-pop fans can all agree that idols like BTS, Astro, or Seventeen… always have the best photographic abilities when snapping selfies.

When taking selfies, idols frequently maintain the same stances; for some, this pose has even come to be known as their “featured pose.”

1. V (BTS)

Kim Taehyung, better known by his stage name V, of BTS, frequently strikes the “V” pose in selfies, usually near his eyes.

Fans adore this pose because it makes his stage name stand out in a fun way!

2. Chuu (Loona)

Chuu, a member of the girl group Loona, is renowned for having an “apple heart”

3. Yunho (Ateez)

Additionally, Yunho is well-known for taking close-up selfies that show off his large eyes and cheekbones, as Ateez fans are aware.

Fans believe that this pose, which appears in so many of his selfies, is his signature one.

4. Cha Eun Woo (Astro)

The next person is Jimin’s (BTS) best buddy, Cha Eun Woo. Considering how talented he is with visuals, it is not suгргιsing that he posed for a picture looking like a flower.

Fans are overjoyed with his use of the “flower” pose when being photographed.

5. IU

IU frequently appears in photos with a flower pose that is more akin to Cha Eun Woo’s “blooming flower” pose.

6. Hoshi (Seventeen)

Almost all K-pop fans are familiar with Hoshi’s iconic “Horanghae” pose.

Hoshi seems to be posing in this well-known ϲlaw hand pose in every single selfie!