BTS’s V dedicates special thing to Jin on enlistment day in his own way

Taehyung was in Mexico for the filming of “Youn’s Kitchen,” a new gastronomy program in which he would star, about music and movie stars opening a restaurant abroad.

Despite being preoccupied with his solo ventures, the idol interrupted his trip to Latin America to fly back to South Korea on a 19-hour flight to say farewell to his friend before reporting to the Korean Army to serve until 2025.

This event moved the hearts of the group’s supporters, assuring that V is extremely loyal to all of the members of the group. In the photograph, we observe the artist arriving at a Korean airport on his way to greet a dear friend.

All of the recent occurrences have caused the names of the K-Pop group lads to trend on social media, with “Seokjin” ranking first in music trends with over 311,000 Tweets.

Six members of BTS accompanied Jin on his enlistment day

A squad of six black cars entered the Korean army recruit training center in Yeoncheon, GYeonggi province, at 2 p.m. today (December 13, local time).

According to rumors in Korean media today, all seven members of BTS are in six black automobiles, including the group’s eldest member, Jin (30), who will undergo military service to serve mandatory military service on this day.

There were only about 50 admirers at the venue since Jin had already encouraged fans to respect other citizens and their families who enlisted on this day and stayed at home instead of accompanying him.

However, a swarm of reporters from across the world encircled the training center’s door, hoping to catch a glimpse of the BTS member on his way in.

(Photo: SBS, Onsen, Yonhap)

Jin kept his pledge by not holding a ceremony on the day of his enrollment. The eldest member of BTS stayed in his car and drove to the training center.

Jin will go through 5 weeks of basic training beginning with his enrollment on December 13 before being assigned to a military position.

On June 12, 2024, the male idol will complete his necessary military service.

BTS Sends Jin Off To Enlist In The Military

Jin of BTS has enlisted in the military with the help of his fellow members!

BTS’s Jin officially enlisted as an active-duty soldier on December 13, apparently enrolling in the 5th Infantry Division recruit training camp in Yeoncheon County, Gyeonggi Province.

All of the members accompanied Jin on his way to enlist, fondly posing for a photo with his new buzz cut. “Our hyung!!” they wrote. Return safely!! “I adore you.”

J-Hope also posted a special message to Jin on Instagram, along with images of them together. “Hyung, stay healthy and happy!!!” wrote J-Hope. “I adore you!!!” and pictures of the feаst Jin had arranged for them

Jin took to Weverse ahead of his enlistment on December 12 to share his fresh buzz cut. For safety reasons, BIGHIT MUSIC previously urged that fans refrain from approaching the training center on the day of his enlistment.

Best wishes to Jin for his service!