BTS’s V has another record but still far behind Lisa Blackpink

Accordingly, BTS’s V has just become the first Korean male star to surpass 53 million followers on Instagram. However, compared to Blackpink ‘s Lisa , he is still far behind.

Specifically, the male idol V of BTS is the first male Korean star to surpass 53 million followers on Instagram. He is a member of the boy band BTS. In addition to that, he has established a record for reaching this landmark in the least amount of time possible across the entire world.

As of the evening of November 28, approximately 53.3 million people were following him on his account.

As a result, V has accomplished the aforementioned landmark in a period of time that is less than one year, given that boy band BTS debuted their personal Instagram account in December of the previous year.

Before that, V also established a number of other records on Instagram, such as the quickest time to reach one million followers (43 minutes), the fastest time to reach 10 million followers (four hours and 52 minutes), etc.

An artificial intelligence-enhanced platform called Hypeauditor, which is used to measure the effectiveness of influencers, placed V’s official Instagram account in tenth place out of a total of one hundred influencers not too long ago. enjoy on Instagram.

But if we’re talking about K-pop idols, V isn’t even close to being on the same level as Lisa from Blackpink.

To be more specific, the female idol has an audience of 84.6 million people.

As a result, Lisa has more than 30 million followers on her personal page, putting her well ahead of V BTS in this metric.

On the other hand, some viewers believe that a comparison of this kind is still not reasonable because, in terms of time, Lisa established a personal account a very long time before V.

Because of this, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that she has a larger number of followers than he does.

Jin (BTS) joins the army and warns followers not to visit a military boot camp

The male idol voiced a message to the fans right away following the posting of the details regarding the date, time, and place of Jin’s enlistment (BTS).

In order to avoid upsetting the locals, BTS’s “older brother” hopes that the fans won’t visit the military training camp.

“Never once did I intend to make information about my enlistment public. You shouldn’t visit the military training camp, fans. Many more people will also enlist in the military. Army and go with their loved ones, so chaos and potential Ԁanger will result “Jin informed his followers.

(Photo: Bighit Music)

Following Jin’s message, the fans exhibited sympathy and shared advice about keeping quiet during the male idol’s and other people’s enlistment processes.

“”Everyone, please don’t disturb the training camp,” “Probably do,” and “I feel so bad because even if the fans don’t show up, there will be a lot of reporters at Jin’s enlistment location” Being a star is difficult, and Jin wants to enlist in silence. However, this information was leaked “… – remarks from fans regarding the BTS members’ enlistment.

Jin intends to begin his military service on December 13 at a recruit training facility in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do, according to a top-secret source.

The management firm Bighit Music responded to this news by cryptically stating that it was unable to confirm it.