BTS’s V геvеаls his weight on Instagram, making ARMY so nervous

On November 19th, V made multiple story updates on his Instagram before he left Paris. One of the stories showed his weight which drew attention online as the BTS member recently said he was on a diet to lose weight.

The story seemed to be showing his weight loss progress as V put a thumbs-up gif on his scale on the story.

Netizens reacted:  “178.8cm tall and weighing 63kg seems a little too skinny. He should stop trying to lose weight.” 

“Seems a lot of male idols are around his weight and height.” 

“I’m just excited to see what he filmed in Paris.”

“Even V is on a diet and what am I doing…I’m going on a diet starting tomorrow.”

“He doesn’t have anything to lose?”

“I think he just ᴡanted to look extra good for a project in Paris. I’m excited to see.”

“Imo V looks even more handsome when he is leaner.”

“And here I am weighing the same and 159 cm tall lol”

Kim Taehyung trends #1 worldwide after his 𝔱hrilling updates from Paris leave fans wanting more

Four days ago,  Kim Taehyung , aka V of BTS, landed in Paris for an unknown overseas schedule. He left fans scratching their heads, wondering what his travel was for.

On November 19, after days of radio silence, Taehyung finally updated fans on his Instagram stories. He posted several photos that may be a clue to his current project in Paris, though no one has figured out what it is yet.

One photo was a close-up shot of his bare neckline while he was wearing a fur coat. The next is a shirtless monochrome selfie showing his perfect silhouette in the darkness. Another image shows him inside a clothing store, trying on different outfits. Others were pictures of his visible head inside a decorated room.

Taehyung also posted a picture of the ceiling inside the Théâtre Montansier, a theatre in Versailles, France, near the royal château.

Fans were not prepared for the update, and ‘KIM TAEHYUNG’ trended to #1 worldwide on Twitter as his 𝔱hrilling photos sent them into a meltdown.

Taehyung’s incredible body proportions left fans in awe, and they’re loving how confident he is in his own skin in the Chapter 2 era of BTS.

Some also pointed out how Taehyung’s unpredictability makes his updates exciting, as one never knows if they’re going to get cute selfies, music recommendations, artworks, or thirst traps from him.

Fans continue to speculate on what he has in store for them in Paris and are intrigued by the ꜱеcrеcy surrounding it.