BTS’s V is engaged in the movie business?

Recently, netizens were extremely excited when V appeared with Kang Dong Won and Im Si Wan in 2 photos.

Kang Dong Won was born in 1981, is a South Korean actor and model. His most recent impressive role was in the work  The Broker  (2022) – co-starring with female singer IU and actor Song Kang Ho.

In addition, Kang Dong Won is also famous for works such as  The Peninsula  (2020),  Violent Prosecutor  (2016),…

Meanwhile, Im Si Wan was born in 1988, is a Korean singer and actor. He has just caused a box office fever when starring in  Emergency Landing  (2021). The Ԁrama ”  Running to the Heart  ” (2020) was also well received with Im Si Wan’s performance.

“Standing next to Kang Dong Won, V is still handsome” – a netizen expressed.

Another netizen wrote, “I like this combination, everyone is handsome, V’s expression is perfect”.

V plays a new show with Park Seo Joon?

Earlier, tvN officially responded to reports that the male K-pop idol of BTS will be starring in a new spin-off of the Һit reality show   Youn’s Kitchen  .

Last month, tvN confirmed that producing director (PD) Na Young Suk will be creating a new show called  Seo Jin’s  – a spin-off of the show  Youn’s Kitchen  – about an open star cast and runs a small Korean restaurant abroad.

With Youn Yuh Jung busy filming season 2 of   Pachinko  , Lee Seo Jin will take on the role of the new restaurant’s boss, and he will be joining Youn’s Kitchen members Park Seo Joon, Jung Yu Mi as well as Choi Woo Shik…

On December 6,  StarNews  reported that V will also appear in  Seo Jin’s  and that he recently went to Mexico to secretly film with his close friends Park Seo Joon and Choi Woo Shik.

On the same day, a tvN spokesperson stated, “Regarding the possibility of BTS member V appearing on tvN’s new variety show  Seo Jin’s  , we are in the process of checking to see if that holds true for other members of the group. Whether the producer is currently filming overseas or not. Due to the time zone difference, it will take some time to check the facts, so we ask for your understanding.”

“In order to have a safe and smooth filming, we cannot геvеаl the filming location in advance,” added tvN.  Seo Jin’s is currently slated to premiere in the first half of 2023.

5 K-pop idols with weird sleeping habits: BTS, Astro, Twice

Due to their busy schedules, K-pop idols like BTS, Astro, Twice deserve a good night’s sleep. However, the 5 artists below take a break in very unusual ways!

1. Taeyeon (SNSD)

Taeyeon often curls up like a ball when she sleeps. She once posted a photo of herself in this pose taken by her teammate Tiffany. This sleeping position usually occurs when Taeyeon sleeps in a sitting position, but it is uncertain if she does this while in bed.

2. V (BTS)

BTS has repeatedly геvеаled V’s sleeping habits. One of the famous facts is that V kicks his legs and screams while sleeping. He also has a habit of talking nonsense and sometimes sleepwalking, according to members of the group. Leader RM also геvеаled  that V often sleeps with his eyes wide open.

3. Cha Eun Woo (Astro)

In an interview with  TopStarNews  , Astro shared about the members’ sleeping habits, including Cha Eun Woo.

Leader JinJin геvеаled that Eun Woo talks to himself a lot while sleeping with English words like “hello” and “thank you”. Eun Woo also has a habit of smiling while sleeping.

4. Nayeon (Twice)

Mina once shared that Nayeon has a habit of hiding herself under a blanket. On another occasion, Min геvеаled that Nayeon always sings and laughs while sleeping.

The members even геvеаled that Nayeon sang BTS’  Fire  in her sleep before.

5. Yuju (former GFriend member)


Yuju is also a K-pop idol who has a strange sleeping habit of clapping and talking while sleeping. Teammate Sowon also геvеаled during an appearance on SBS’s  2 O’clock Escape Cultwo Show  that Yuju once even practiced choreography in her sleep because she ꜱuddenly yelled, “Put your energy into your fingertips. your hand!”.