BTS’s V геvеalеd where he has the BTS friendship tattoo

They chose the number 7 to represent how many members they have and how valuable their years together are; however, not all members of the group have rеveаled where their tattoos are, and in a new photo, V finally reveals where he has the number 7.

Kim Taehyung knows how to delight his fans, and this time he’s doing it with a photo that reveals the genuine location of the friendship tattoo he got with his bandmates.

Taehyung shared some images from his time in Mexico filming a program with actors Park Seo Joon and Choi Woo Shik, two Wooga Squad buddies.

Taehyung appreciated the beauty of Bacalar Lagoon during his visit in Mexico and published multiple images of himself in a bikini on Instagram, but his followers were more delighted to see that his friendship tattoo was included in one of his photos.

The image depicts the number 7 above the knee on his left thigh, which the idol always sought to conceal, thus netizens were overjoyed to see it. Do you appreciate the location of the artist’s friendship tattoo?

Jungkook (BTS) beаt Kang Daniel and Jimin as the most popular male idol in December

Jungkook (BTS) soared to the top of the hottest male Kpop male idol rankings in December after making an explosive presence at the World Cup 2022 opening ceremony.

The Korean Business Research Institute has just released the brand reputation rankings for each K-pop boy group member for December.

The rankings were produced using big data acquired from November 17 to December 17, 2022, and an examination of the consumer involvement, media coverage, media, and community awareness indexes of 703 boy group members.

BTS’ Jungkook topped this month’s list with a brand reputation index of 10,364,722, representing a 79.89% growth over November.

“World Cup,” “Billboard,” and “Dreamers” are among the top phrases in Jungkook’s keyword analysis. “Performance,” “record,” and “touching” were the top three connected phrases. Jungkook’s positive-negative analysis likewise reveаled a 93.53% positive reaction rate.

Kang Daniel of Wanna One came in second with a brand reputation index of 5,942,367.

Despite only growing by 0.66% of his score, Kang Daniel’s rank has risen by one position since November.

Jimin fell to third position in December, with a brand reputation rating of 5,724,844.

Cha Eun Woo of ASTRO climbed to fourth place with a brand reputation index of 5,234,782, a 6.56% rise in score.

Finally, BTS’s V entered the top 5 with a brand reputation index of 4,824,990, a 0.15% rise from November. Jin (BTS) has slid to sixth place in the rankings after leading for one month.

Top 30 hottest male Kpop idols in December 2022:

1. Jungkook – BTS

2. Kang Daniel – Wanna One

3. Jimin – BTS

4. Cha Eun Woo – ASTRO

5. V – BTS

6. Jin – BTS

7. RM – BTS

8. Song Mino – WINNER

9. Suga – BTS

10. J-Hope – BTS

11. Chani – SF9

12. Hwang Minhyun – Wanna One

13. Baekhyun – EXO

14. G-Dragon – Big Bang

15. Yoon Doojoon – Highlight

16. Choi Siwon – Super Junior

17. Minho – SHINee

18. Ong Seong Wu – Wanna One

19. Rowoon – SF9

20. Juyeon – THE BOYZ

21. Taeyang – Big Bang

22. Kim Heechul – Super Junior

23. Kim Jae Hwan – Wanna One

24. Kyuhyun – Super Junior

25. Yang Yoseob – Highlight

26. Park Ji Hoon – Wanna One

27. Key – SHINee

28. Mark – NCT

29. Jaehyun – NCT

30. Jinyoung – GOT7