Can’t stop laughing when Mbappe and stars make an Anime collection on the field

Football and Anime can be considered the “Kings” in the entertainment industry because of their wide coverage and extremely large fan base around the world. What if football combines with anime? Let’s take a look at the iconic images of the anime appearing on the field.

1. President Mbappé transforms

The most powerful player in the world, born in 1998 Kylian Mbappé, currently playing for PSG, “transformed a sailor” in Sailor Moon after scoring.

The fans expressed their delight when they saw this cute celebration of Mbappe

2. Neymar has compared himself to Super Saiya-jin

In 2016, Neymar has compared himself and Lionel Messi to Super Saiya-jin after Barcelona’s 7-0 demolition of Celtic.

The Brazilian striker, 24, tweeted a picture of the newly-blond pair holding the match ball after the win – showing a striking resemblance to the Dragon Ball Z warriors.

Neymar has a Super Saiya-jin tattoo on his back

3. Son Aubameyang

Fans of the Dragon Ball comic are no stranger to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s celebration after scoring against Real Madrid on the morning of March 21, 2022 (he was playing for Chelsea at the time).

The Gabon striker raised two fingers to his forehead, describing the “teleportation” magic of Goku, the main character of the series. Aubameyang is a huge fan of Dragon Ball.

4. Konaté with Attack on Titan’s iconic salute

Ibrahima Konaté plays as a central defender for Liverpool club in the Premier League. The guy celebrated the goal with his head with the iconic salute in Attack on Titan.

5. Midfielder Luffy

A major US Soccer player, Nicolas Benezet, recreated Luffy’s “Gear 2” pose after his first game goal as quarterback for Seattle Sounders FC. This image has also been widely spread all over MXH.

6. Mason mount using kamehameha

Mason Mount is a player who plays as an attacking midfielder for Premier League club Chelsea and the England national football team. Mount had a “kamehameha” celebration with Ben Chilwell when he scored against Liverpool in March 2021.

Mason Mount explained about this celebration: “When we sit on the plane, Chilly and I often sit behind Zouma. He often watches anime and we often watch it.” It is known that former Chelsea midfielder Kurt Zouma is a hɑrdcore One Piece fan. In addition, Eden Hazard, the winger who played for Chelsea is also a fan of Naruto.

7. Black-legged Marguire

Who loves his teammates more than Harry Comedy? Knowing Paul Pogba is a big fan of One Piece (Pogba once posted a story referring to author Eichiiro Oda on instagram), so in the last matches when he wore a Manchester United shirt together, captain Mac Comedy favored Pogba with a kick. Sanji to celebrate before Pogba moved to play for Juventus.

8. Striker Gojo Satoru

Shuto Machino, currently plays as a striker for Shonan Bellmare, a Japanese football club in the J. League Division 1, with Gojo Satoru-style celebration in Jujutsu Kaisen.

9. One Yang Point Leandro Damião

Leandro Damião da Silva dos Santos, commonly known as Leandro Damião, is a Brazilian footballer who plays as a Striker for Kawasaki Frontale (J.League Division 1). He recreated Yusuke Urameshi’s “One Yang Point” technique from Yu Yu Hakusho.

10. Striker Krillin

Marcos Júnior currently plays for club Yokohama F. Marinos (J. League Division 1) as a striker. He “cosplayed” the kienzan move of the character Krillin in Dragon Ball.

11. Midfielder Robin

Kurokawa Atsushi, playing as a midfielder for Júbilo Iwata in the J2 League celebrates with Nico Robin’s Mil Fleurs, One Piece.

12. Goku and Vegeta on the field

The duo Marco Reus and Hakimi (when Hakimi was still at Borussia Dortmund) with the “kamehameha” and “fusion” technique in Dragon Ball.

13. Joshua Kimmich is faster than Naruto

Not exactly to celebrate, but the German team Bayern Munich once posted a picture comparing the speed of midfielder Joshua Kimmich with Naruto on the club’s official instagram.