Cardi B Personally Confirmed Jennie’s Beauty Is Truly Unreal

We all know  Jennie  ( BLACKPINK)  in addition to possessing musical talent, she is also admired for her beautiful appearance.


Her beauty was also confirmed by  Cardi B herself.

Cardi B

It all started when one of the fans complimented Jennie on Twitter.

Fans posted various photos of Jennie with the post caption, “ Jennie has the cutest and prettiest smile ever. Jennie forever and always will be. 

But what surprised everyone was Cardi B ‘s personal response verifying her own claims.

“Even cuter in person”  – Cardi B

Before the event, Cardi B introduced BLACKPINK’s THE ALBUM  in the song “Bet You Wanna”.

Vanity Fair

And back in 2019, Jennie and Cardi B made headlines when sitting next to each other at a Chanel fashion show  .

So it’s believable that Cardi B’s comment is based on meeting Jennie in person!

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

And the American singer said that Jennie is even more beautiful than her already surreal images in the media.

Jennie IG

Hyeri’s younger sister (Girl’s Day) sᴜɗɗenly became angry after a photo taken with BLACKPINK

Hyeri (Girl’s Day)’s sister Hyerim is just as gorgeous as her idol sister, and now her image is going viral after her latest photos!

The Hyeri – Hyerim sisters show off their shining visuals, making the community flutter with praise.

Hyerim recently posed for pictures with  BLACKPINK  during their “Born Pink” world tour. However, the comments quickly became filled with compliments about her perfect looks and proportions making her a perfect fit for the group.

BLACKPINK members are famous for their small faces, but Hyerim’s tiny face is not inferior when standing with the group. Even her tall proportions and long legs exude a model aura.

– “Well… However, the members of BLACKPINK are known to have small faces. Look at the size of her face.”

– “I think she is one of the members LOL”

– “I would believe it if someone told me she was an idol…”

@lh_m_2 / Instagram

Hyerim sometimes appears in Hyeri’s vlogs – and it’s easy to see why people might mistake her for an idol!

After looking at the stunning photos on Instagram, she has been compared to many gorgeous celebrities including  Kim Sejeong ,  Kang Mina ,  AOA  ‘s  Jimin ,  and  aespa  ‘s  Karina .

Of course, many people have seen her sister’s beauty in her, but with her own unique style.

“She looks like Hyeri, but they have different vibes. She looks cold ㅋㅋ They’re both pretty”

Both sisters Hyeri and Hyerim have beautiful beauty.