Carlo Ancelotti officially announced his retirement

The Italian will close his military career after quitting Real Madrid.

“After Real Madrid, I will retire,” Carlo Ancelotti told Il Messntico newspaper. “This chapter at the Santiago Bernabeu closes my career as a coach.”

“Real Madrid is synonymous with top class, so it makes sense to see this team as the place to end a coaching career,” Ancelotti added. 


The Santiago Bernabeu team’s current deal with Ancelotti is in effect until June 2024. Last summer, the former Chelsea manager departed Everton to take over “Los Blancos” once again. This is regarded as the right choice.

Real consistently excelled under the direction of coach Ancelotti. Real won both La Liga and the Champions League at the conclusion of the 2021–2022 campaign. The European Super Cup was won by the Spanish Royal squad on August 11 by a score of 2-0 over Frankfurt. 


As the first manager to win the European Super Cup four times in his career (twice with Real in 2014 and 2022 and twice with AC Milan in 2003 and 2007), the 63-year-old personal coach established a new milestone in the continental arena. The former Everton captain had already made history by becoming the first coach to claim four Champions League titles. 


Last season, Ancelotti’s Real came up against PSG, Chelsea and Man City respectively on the way to the Champions League final and won. Adapting too well to the times is considered the secret of Ancelotti’s success.

As the world of football becomes increasingly complicated by data, technology, academic philosophies and an aging generation of fans, Ancelotti simply selects the best players and instills the spirit in his students. Win, don’t give up.


Toni Kroos insists: “I don’t think Ancelotti gets the recognition he deserves. It sounds like he knows nothing about tactics. Ancelotti could have chosen a less complicated approach, but is very clear about what he is doing. The style of play he wants the team to show on the pitch, both in defense and in attack. That aspect is often overlooked.” 

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