Cat Sheds Tears of Sadness When Looking at the Photo of His Deceased Owner in the Phone

Millions of people have been moved by the video of the cat hugging the phone and sobbing.

A video recently surfaced of a cat watching old film of the deceased owner and softly lying down as if seeking to cuddle that image, eliciting emotional responses from viewers.

This video gained millions of views very immediately, as well as tens of thousands of likes and shares from the internet community.


Millions of hearts are suddenly melted by the action of the cat, who is renowned as a snob and cool. Cats have proven to be friendly and warm animals, rather than the vicious and aggressive animals that many people believe.

Especially when cats express affection to the person who nurtured and cared for them, they are warm and tender.

Because he missed the departed owner, the cat’s owner made the entire social network emotional:



However, while the video of the cat-loving owner had many people crying, the truth behind it has everyone “crying and laughing” at this “tough” circumstance.

The cat’s owner claimed a number of news sites, including Cumhuriyet, Hürriyet, Mynet, Yurt, CNN Türk, Oda TV, Yeni afak, and others, wrongly reporting that the cat was outraged to see the image of the deceased master on the phone screen.


As a result, the cat’s owner has stated that this is not the case. At the same time, the video above, which has been viewed by millions of people, was shot by the owner himself and published to YouTube as part of a contest.

The animal’s owner stated that it was a photo of a cat and a turtle on the phone screen at the moment, not the deceased owner as described by the pages.

It is reported that the cat footage was formerly used on a TV show named Beyaz Show, which may be translated as “Animal reactions to songs” sung by Selami ahin (Selami ahin is a well-known Turkish singer in Turkey).

Overall, this is a very sweet and touching moment for the beloved cat, but no departed owners are there. Even though the subject is covered by the major news outlets, we sometimes need to learn more about it! Do you agree with me?

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