Celebrating 6 Years Of Debut, Blackpink Announces New Songs Name And Release Time

The night of August 7 was filled with BLINKs' emotions when BLACKPINK released a new product poster to celebrate their 6th debut anniversary.

At 0:00 on August 8 (KST),  BLACKPINK  unexpectedly released a poster for the song that paved the way for the 2nd studio album called  Pink Venom. Once again exploding on social media after releasing the trailer back on August 1, BLACKPINK is the most anticipated Kpop girl group this year.


Poster of the song that paved the way for BLACKPINK’s upcoming album: Pink Venom

Not revealing the time like the introductory trailer, this time BLACKPINK has officially confirmed the return date and time with the song called  Pink Venom. At exactly 11 am on August 19 (Vietnam time), 4 YG girls will return in the epic MV with the highest investment cost ever as revealed by the management company. This information is making BLINK extremely excited and the keyword about BLACKPINK and comeback is becoming a global trend.


As a comeback song after nearly 2 years, BLACKPINK quickly captured the attention

Some netizens’ comments:

– It turns out that BLACKPINK’s comeback is on BIGBANG’s anniversary.

–  The history of Mr.Mr and Comeback Home’s fight is about to happen again, this time it’s close to the day of directly touching TWICE, so harsh.

– August is like the Olympics, idols come back from August 19 – August 22 – August 26.

– BLACKPINK in our area is really here!!!

– So the idol is coming back soon? After 2 years of enlistment, he was discharged from the army.

– There are posters, now officially believe YG!!!


From 4 rookie girls, BLACKPINK has become one of the most influential girl groups

Released the new song poster at the right time to celebrate the 6th debut anniversary, BLACKPINK brought BLINKs a night full of happy emotions. Back in August, this comeback is like a priceless gift that the girls give to fans. The members simultaneously posted photos and moments that BLACKPINK has been together for the past 6 years and sent their gratitude to fans making fans extremely emotional.


BLACKPINK simultaneously posted photos of their 6th debut anniversary

As the most representative girl group today, BLACKPINK has made constant efforts over the past 6 years to prove their talent and ability, becoming a role model for millions of young people around the world. Let’s celebrate this memorable moment with the 4 beautiful girls of YG.

Some pictures shared by BLACKPINK:


Photos from the pre-debut period


Memorable images in BLACKPINK House


Memories moments with fans

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