Celebrity friends геvеаl what BTS’s Jungkook is doing during this time

Not embarrassed to be a BTS. The group has been continuously busy since their 2013 debut, touring the globe and producing content for ARMY.

Even when concentrating on their own careers, the members are all extremely busy, whether it be solo releases or variety shows. Jungkook, the youngest member, also.

Jungkook traveled to Qatar last month to complete some schedules for the upcoming World Cup.

But lately, Jungkook has been getting more attention after those close to him  what the idol enjoys doing in his free time

The actor Yeo Jin Goo геvеаled in an interview that Jungkook attended the VIP premiere of his most recent film (Ditto), which took place on November 8, despite the fаct that there are no photos from the occasion.

Jungkook in Qatar

The celebrity claimed that Jungkook, SHINee’s Minho, Park Bo Gum, and Im Siwan attended the event.

Even better, Im Siwan posted a picture of herself and Park Bo Gum in front of the movie’s poster.

On November 10, a few images of Jungkook gained popularity. Fans claim that the youngest member of BTS was found on the Instagram account of Korean singer NIDA.

In doing so, the female singer posted a picture of Jungkook and two of her coworkers. The caption for the first image, which features Jungkook and her co-stars, reads, “This should have been my spot.”

The male singer shares a sweet close-up photo with Jungkook in the following picture, which is a wonderful present for ARMY.

The idol appears to be quite adorable as expected.

Then, one of NIDA’s coworkers named FEB posted a photo of himself performing ON by BTS with Jungkook and another person.

Naturally, many ARMYs assumed right away that there might be a collaboration between Jungkook and other artists.

Others found it amusing that Jungkook enjoyed himself with his friends, even making the joke that if it weren’t for these pals, they wouldn’t be aware of Jungkook’s activities at the moment since the idol hasn’t posted on social media in a while.

It’s good to see Jungkook spending time with those who mean the most to him.

When his turn comes, Jungkook will be extremely busy because each member is planning to release their own solo albums.

Jungkook BTS looks so Һot with only white shirt

Fans only need BTS’s Jungkook to be themselves to make them swoon, but when he dons a white shirt, BTS’s maknae looks even sexier.

The white shirt’s understatement draws attention to Jungkook’s attractive features. Here are 7 occasions when Jungkook wore a white shirt and his poses, listed in no particular order.

1. Using a belt

Jungkook wore a slim black belt with a set of dark denim jeans for this look.

2. Black Hat

Naturally, Jungkook didn’t overlook the extras! He was sporting matte black earrings and a matching black beanie in this picture.

3. Checked Pants

By wearing it with white and red checkered pants, Jungkook gave his white one a more casual appearance.


4. With jewelry

Jungkook accessorizes this look with silver jewelry and a white mask.

5. With a beret hat

This time, Jungkook paired his “oversized” shirt with a white bucket hat.

6. With black bag

With his “oversized” shirt this time, Jungkook sported a white bucket hat.

7. With a black t-shirt inside

Last but not least, he is dressed in a white button-down shirt over a black T-shirt.