Chelsea lost two points after the referee admitted his mistake

Mike Dean, the referee in charge of the VAR room, admitted to making a mistake during the match between Chelsea and Tottenham

The fallout from last weekend’s London derby remains contentious. Chelsea is the team that bears the brunt of the referee’s decisions. Rodrigo Bentancur caused Kai Havertz to fall to the ground and regain possession of the ball in the situation that led to Tottenham’s 1-1 tie, but no whistle was blown. Richarlison’s offside position also obscured goalkeeper Edouard Mendy.

Not content with that, Marc Cucurella was pulled by Cristian Romero’s hair before Harry Kane equalized for Spurs, but there was no penalty for the visitors’ defender. Referee Anthony Taylor did not observe the situation, but he also did not receive assistance from Mike Dean’s VAR team.


Dean recently admitted his error, saying, “I cannot award a direct free kick like VAR, but I can suggest to Taylor that he go to the referee area to see if a red card can be issued.”

I have a few seconds to consider the situation in which Romero pulls Cucurella’s hair, and I don’t think it’s an act of violence.


I’ve been studying the video and talking to other referees since then. And, on second thought, I should have asked Taylor to come over to the yard monitor and take a look. The final decision is always made by the referee on the field.

This was a huge letdown for me because it was the culmination of a fantastic weekend from our colleagues. Decisions are contested – that is a referee’s life.”


Mike Dean referred to the incident in which Cucurella’s hair was pulled by Romero at the end of the game. Chelsea not only “lost” the free-kick situation, but the host later received a goal from Harry Kane in the corner situation. Blues fans were enraged by the English striker’s goal.

Coach Tuchel then commented on referee Anthony Taylor’s decisions. He stated that the black king should no longer have control over the matches. The FA “touched” Tuchel immediately after the above statement, and this coach stood in front of the penalty.


Chelsea fans signed a petition last weekend requesting that Anthony Taylor be fined. Despite the fact that there have been over 140,000 supporters, Premier League organizers continue to have complete faith in the black king. He will officiate this weekend’s match between West Ham and Brighton.

Chelsea will be a guest on the field of Leeds United in the next round. Stuart Attwell will officiate the game, and Paul Tierney will serve as the VAR room controller.

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