Chelsea players refuse to wear the ‘ugly’ shirt number

Coach Thomas Tuchel revealed that no Chelsea player chose that number out of fear of being 'haunted'

Thomas Tuchel, the German strategist, is having difficulty resolving a minor issue at Chelsea. Because of the “cursed bad luck history” of those who have worn the number 9, no Chelsea player has chosen to wear it.

The “infamous curse” surrounding the number 9 shirt, according to Coach Tuchel, made no one want to wear it. Since 2006, every player who has worn Chelsea’s No. 9 shirt has been unlucky in some way.


Stars like Fernando Torres, Falcao, Alvaro Morata, and Gonzalo Higuain have all struggled while wearing the No. 9, as have centre-back Khalid Boulahrouz and midfielder Steve Sidwell.

Tammy Abraham, a young star from Chelsea’s training academy, was relatively successful at Stamford Bridge when wearing the number 9 shirt. However, it was he who was forced to leave Chelsea in order to join AS Roma following the arrival of Romelu Lukaku last season.


Meanwhile, by donning the number 9 jersey, Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku “confirmed the curse still existed.” Lukaku had to leave the club in bitterness after just one season since he returned to Chelsea from Inter Milan for a transfer fee of up to 97 million pounds. Lukaku has since made a loaned comeback to Inter Milan.

Following Lukaku’s departure from Chelsea, nobody opted to wear the number 9 jersey. It goes without saying that every club’s star strikers often wear the number 9 jersey. Many offensive players desire to wear this shirt, but nobody does so at Chelsea.


The humorous tale was disclosed by Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel, who said, “He’s cursed, he’s cursed, people tell me he’s cursed. When we leave the number 9 shirt exposed for tactical purposes, this is not the case.

The number 9 jersey was taken by some players that arrived at Chelsea. However, the players are no longer required to wear the number 9 jersey. Unexpectedly, nobody at Chelsea wants to handle it.”


Raheem Sterling, Kalidou Koulibaly, and Marc Cucurella were all acquired by Chelsea during the summer transfer window, but none of them were a good fit for the number 9 jersey. The right players, such as Armando Broja and Conor Gallagher, did not select the number 9 jersey.

Thomas Tuchel, the head coach, added: “The players who wear the number 9 typically don’t score, even if they receive 9 points in the game, everyone who has been here longer than me has told me. They also failed to score during the contest.

Therefore, at this point, nobody wants to touch the number 9 shirt. I can understand why my players don’t want to wear it and have other preferences (want to wear a different number) because I’m superstitious as well “.

Over the weekend, Chelsea enjoyed a successful start to the Premier League. Jorginho managed to score the game’s lone goal at the 11-minute mark to help Chelsea defeat the irritating Everton team 1-0 despite encountering multiple challenges.


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