Chelsea think about ‘working’ to save Portugese superstar

Following Erik Ten Hag, the head coach of MU, exposing CR7 in the public, Chelsea will reconsider their decision and decide to sign Ronaldo

When difficult circumstances about the future of the 37-year-old superstar, Chelsea is reportedly considering signing Cristiano Ronaldo after the summer 2022 transfer market closes. It is well-known that Nathan Gissing works for renowned journalist Gianluca Di Marzio and is the administrator of the Instagram profile Cfcnewspage, the top source of Chelsea news.


Nathan Gissing stated, “I was advised that Chelsea would explore signing Ronaldo at the conclusion of the summer transfer season.

Ronaldo and a few other players were reprimanded by M.U.’s head coach Erik Ten Hag on August 3 for leaving the game against Rayo Vallecano early. Previously, it was widely reported that the MU administration permitted Ronaldo and the group of players to depart early without issuing a penalty, despite the fact that Ten Hag personally refused to do so because he wished to enforce stricter discipline.


The players have been informed by me that departing early is not acceptable. Because MU is a team, everyone must be focused in the same place. The participants must remain throughout the entire game. In any team, cooperation and respect for one another are essential, according to Ten Hag, who was quoted in the media.

Ronaldo played for 45 minutes in the match that MU and Rayo Vallecano drew. Ronaldo did not have a big impact during that time. The 37-year-old striker was captured on camera shaking his head and shrugging while the Dutch coach was speaking. That is most likely one of the causes of CR7 leaving the game early.


MU supporters became even more alarmed by coach Ten Hag’s comments. Even though Ronaldo is eager to leave Old Trafford, it’s feasible that the “Red Devils” will accept his departure. Ronaldo’s dream is to play for a club that participates in the Champions League.

In addition to Atletico Madrid, PSG, and Bayern Munich, Jorge Mendes, the agent for Cristiano Ronaldo, also approached Chelsea. Ronaldo is admired by the new Chelsea president Todd Boehly, who wants to bring him to Stamford Bridge to boost the team’s financial and professional worth. Thomas Tuchel, the coach, made the decision to reject this agreement after discussing with the management board.


However, after sending Romelu Lukaku to Inter Milan on loan, Chelsea are currently having trouble signing a striker, and Timo Werner is also trying to find a way out.

As a result, it makes perfect sense that the Stamford Bridge staff “turns the automobile” given how badly Ronaldo and Ten Hag’s relationship is breaking down. Additionally, CR7 will personally realize his desire to play in the Champions League again the next year.

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