Chelsea’s number 7 is now a problem

N'Golo Kante, who was injured in the 2-2 draw between Chelsea and Tottenham at Stamford Bridge over the weekend, will be out for about a month for the home team

Kante was once admired for its toughness and impact resistance. It is also a person ’s potential that he has a small body but has been able to compete in a tough tournament like the Premier League for many years.

When N’Golo Kante is fit, he is an invaluable member of the Chelsea squad. This diminutive player is extremely active and efficient, frequently appearing in high-traffic areas of the field. Kante’s play, on the other hand, requires him to expend a lot of energy, and reality is proving that the French player is not a superman with eternal motives.


Nobody denies that Kante was once almost impervious to injury. It’s no surprise that, prior to the 2019/20 season, the midfielder wearing the number 7 shirt had only missed 7 Blues matches due to health issues. Kante had previously missed only one match at Leicester.


Unfortunately, Kane has become increasingly vulnerable in recent seasons. Since the 2019/20 season, Kante has missed 16 games due to injury and co.v.i.d infection, according to statistics. Because of the ongoing treatment, he has missed 50 games for Chelsea in the last three years, which is an alarming number.

Kante started 20 Premier League games in the last three seasons, with a total of 24 starts in the last three seasons. Last season, Kante was only healthy enough to play in all 42 of coach Tuchel’s games.

The issue with Chelsea is that Kante is in a difficult situation (if not impossible). At the age of 31, the former Leicester City midfielder who won the Premier League with the Foxes in 2015/16 is no longer in a productive stage that allows his body to heal quickly.


Kante’s contributions to Chelsea are expected to decline as he begins to feel the effects of aging. In the current situation, the Chelsea Board of Directors has reason to be hesitant in asking the player, who is paid £ 290,000 per week, to extend the contract, given that the agreement between the parties expires in one year.


If an immediate solution is required, the Blues should prioritize finding a replacement for Kante. However, time is running out for them as the summer transfer market enters its final stages.

According to reports, the West London leadership has kept an eye on Barcelona midfielder Frenkie De Jong. This is a player who plays in a similar style to Kante and has fewer injuries than his French counterpart (last season he was only out for 3 games).

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