Close-up of 200 luxurious gifts that Firmino prepared to say goodbye to Liverpool including his own perfume

Striker Roberto Firmino gave 200 gift boxes to his teammates, Liverpool club staff and friends at the team’s farewell party after 8 years of playing.

The 31-year-old striker held a party on Sunday and gave 200 gifts to thank his teammates and the club. The gift box includes a Firmino Liverpool shirt with the words “With Bobby’s love” embroidered on the front.

A bottle of Firmino’s branded perfume is also included in the gift. The gift also includes a card with the achievements of the Brazilian striker in the Liverpool shirt.

Florian Plettenberg – Germany’s Sky Sports reporter tweeted: “Firmino prepared 200 gift boxes at the farewell party in Liverpool on Sunday night. He gave guests including club staff, teammates, friends. and family.

The gift included a special shirt signed by him and a bottle of Firmino brand perfume. The party was very emotional, starting the conversation with the new club from now on. Out of respect for Liverpool, he hasn’t considered any team.”

The striker born in 1991 played his last match for Liverpool at Anfield on May 20. He was the one who scored in the 89th minute to equalize 1-1 against Aston Villa to help The Kop raise a fragile hope of attending the Champions League next season. Firmino left the field in tears as the crowd stood up and clapped his hands and shouted his name, paying tribute to his 8 years with the team.

On the morning of May 21, the bus carrying the team was seen parked outside the Firmino mansion in Cheshire. Sources on The Sun said that the Brazilian striker used the car to take his wife, children, relatives and friends on a special tour, including going to Anfield to take pictures to celebrate farewell to Liverpool.

Firmino wore an elegant suit, smilingly signed an autograph for an elderly female fan standing near the house before getting in the car with relatives. The group then went to the farewell party.

Joining Liverpool in 2015 from 1899 Hoffenheim, Fermino played 361 games for Liverpool, having 110 goals and 79 assists. He and The Kop won the English Premier League in 2020, FA Cup 2022, Champions League 2019 and Carabao Cup 2022. In the Brazilian national team shirt, he played 55 matches, scoring 17 goals. Roberto Firmino is also admired for his happy marriage with his wife Larissa Pereira and 4 daughters.

Liverpool are in 5th place with 66 points, three points behind the top 4 to qualify for the Champions League. In the final round of the Premier League this weekend, coach Jurgen Klopp’s team will be a guest at Southampton – the team that is at the bottom of the table and is definitely relegated.