Close-Up Of Each Blackpink Member’s Beauty In Pink Venom MV

In August 19. BLACKPINK officially returned to the music track after more than 2 years of absence. 

At noon on August 19 (Vietnam time), BLACKPINK officially returned to the music track after more than 2 years of absence. With the opening song ” Pink Venom”, the YG Entertainment girl group was praised for their catchy concept and melody. In particular, the beauty and charisma of the 4 members of BLACKPINK are increasing in popularity.


Coming back after 2 years of absence, BLACKPINK is considered to be more and more colorful and charismatic. Many viewers think that this is the result of training in the fashion field because each member’s image, outfit or expression is very luxurious and attractive.


Jisoo surprised fans by changing many images in the Pink Venom MV. From shaping horizontal bangs, slanting bangs to Japanese buns, BLACKPINK’s eldest sister captivated fans thanks to her standard beauty.


Jisoo shocked the audience with her visuals because her image was constantly changing. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)


BLACKPINK’s eldest sister received many compliments from the audience. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)


Jisoo’s standard beauty has many shapes. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

Since her debut, Jennie has been attracted by her beautiful beauty and outstanding charisma. In her comeback with Pink Venom , Jennie did not disappoint the audience when she still showed off her aura through her characteristic cat eyes, dressed in a cut-and-flare outfit, but was not exposed. Especially in the rap segment, fans witnessed a rebellious and personality Jennie.


Jennie always knows how to attract the audience through each scene. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)


The female idol wore a cropped outfit but was not exposed. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)


Close-up of the beauty of the main rapper of BLACKPINK. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

Lisa has an impressive change in appearance when shedding her short hair that has been attached for a long time. The youngest member of BLACKPINK appeared with long orange hair. In the rap segment, Lisa is also very rebellious, wearing sexy clothes.


Lisa changed her appearance spectacularly in the comeback MV. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)


YG Entertainment let Lisa transform into a rebellious image. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)


Create a personality full of the youngest member BLACKPINK. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

Rosé once caused controversy when she came back after 2 years of absence and still wore the familiar “shrimp beard” hairstyle. However, the images in the MV have clarified the doubts of the fans. Accordingly, the female idol is impressive in the silver-black highlight hairstyle, full of magic, which is very suitable for the Pink Venom concept.


Rosé appeared magically in the comeback MV. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)


The female idol is different with highlighted hair. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)


Rosé really suits Pink Venom’s concept. (Photo: BLACKPINK YouTube screenshot)

BLACKPINK’s comeback is currently the topic of discussion among fans. With their heat, YG Entertainment’s girl group promises to make many great achievements with Pink Venom.

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