CONFIRM! Ronaldo’s future determined after World Cup; 3 Man Uinted players defend the player

On the morning of November 18, the next part of the interview between Ronaldo and Piers Morgan continued to be posted. Here, the 37-year-old striker has interesting shares about his great rival Lionel Messi , about the 2022 Word Cup and also issues related to the Man United club.

The sequel to the interview with Piers Morgan was officially announced on the morning of November 18. Photo: Internet

In addition, Ronaldo also rҽvҽαl his retirement plans and plans with Portugal at the 2022 World Cup:

“I want to play for at most two or three more years. I want to retire at 40. It’s probably the right time,”   Cristiano Ronaldo shared with Piers Morgan.

“Sure. I will withdraw from the national team,”  Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed when asked by journalist Morgan about the possibility of retiring from Portugal if he won the World Cup in Qatar.

“I am very optimistic. The Portuguese team has a great coach and a great generation of players. We will definitely have a memorable tournament. However, it is a difficult task and we need to try our best,” said  the player who is on the payroll of Man United.

Ronaldo confirmed that he would leave Portugal if he won the World Cup 2022 (Image: GETTY)

Cristiano Ronaldo is Portugal’s greatest goalscorer with 117 goals in 191 games. Ronaldo’s best performance at the World Cup was reaching the semi-finals in 2006. At the 2018 World Cup in Russia, Portugal had to stop right away in the round of 16.

CR7 is facing obstacles in the process of preparing for the 2022 World Cup. The 37-year-old striker could not attend the friendly match between Portugal and Nigeria on the morning of November 18 (Hanoi time) due to gastritis.

Ronaldo is heading to the 2022 World Cup. Photo: Internet

At the 2022 World Cup, Portugal is in Group H with Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea. In the opening match on November 24, Ronaldo and his teammates will face Ghana.

The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo quietly conducted a conversation with journalist Piers Morgan and then criticized MU and coach Ten Hag ꜱᴜrprιꜱed fans. After the above incident, Ronaldo became the focus of criticism, especially Man Utd fans.

Ronaldo’s future at MU almost ended with those bad words. Man Utd has also made a move to show that they and Ronaldo no longer have a common voice, the latest is the action of removing Ronaldo’s banner outside Old Trafford.

Ronaldo thinks that Ten Hag and MU are just trying to push him away from Old Trafford. Photo: Internet

It is difficult to judge between Ronaldo and MU, who is right and who is wrong, but it is understandable that Ronaldo’s voice “slandering” MU may stem in part from the existing realities in the Old Trafford team. . And in the detailed article about that interview, The Sun newspaper mentioned 3 players who always obey and learn from Ronaldo:

“At MU, I can mention Diogo Dalot because he is young but always shows a professional spirit. I have no doubt that Dalot will have a long career because of his diligence, effort and professionalism. ”

“In addition, in the late afternoon of their careers, Casemiro or Lisandro Martinez will be the next two names to keep their form because they are always positive, hard-working and relentless efforts.”

The reason Ronaldo mentioned these 3 players is because according to CR7, many players at MU have no motivation to fight, prefer to live virtual and fall into social networks instead of practicing like himself. Ronaldo told Piers Morgan the following:

“Football has changed now. All leagues in the world, including youth leagues, are not the same as my generation before. I don’t blame anyone because change is an inevitable part of it. You know, the new generation comes with new technologies, and that distracts the young players more.”

“But the important thing is listening from young players. That’s why people are born with ears. Need to listen to the good things and let go of the bad things.”

“So it’s understandable that young players don’t listen. But if there are the best things in front of them and deserve to be followed by them (Ronaldo alludes to his own hard work and training) But if they still ignore it, it’s worth thinking about.”

The Portuguese striker said that at MU, young players indulged too much in social networks instead of focusing on improving themselves. Photo: Internet

Currently, Ronaldo has left MU headquarters to focus with Portugal to carry out the campaign to conquer the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. But it seems that bad luck has not stopped clinging to CR7 when the 37-year-old striker has a stomachache and it is unclear his ability to play in the opening match against rival Ghana.