Constantly making mistakes when posting teasers for BLACKPINK, YG has not stopped dιscгιmιnаting

Not having time to rejoice because BLACKPINK is about to return, fans are angry because of YG's confusing way of working: Posting teasers of 4 members, all 3 people made mistakes.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is said to be the member who suffers the most when YG Entertainment staff constantly make mistakes when posting  teaser for female idols. Specifically, when Lisa’s first personal “teaser video” was posted, the article sharing  link video  on Twitter was missing the  link  to Naver, YouTube and no Lisa’s  hashtag. More than 10 minutes later, YG’s admin staff deleted this error post and re-posted a new post with full content (because Twitter doesn’t have the function to edit posts).


With Lisa’s  teaser  on YouTube, fans expressed their confusion with YG’s act of “healing a pig into a lame pig”. Initially, the  hashtag #BLACKPINK  (group name) in Lisa’s teaser video  was correct, but 1 hour later, YG Ent suddenly changed this  hashtag  to a wrong name  #BLACPINK. In 2019, Lisa’s teaser for  Kill This Love  also encountered the same error.


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Before that, YG was also controversial when it hid the sales data of Lisa’s  solo album  on Gaon for nearly half a year. According to Korean Sale, the production company of  album  needs to submit all documents in order to be eligible to list the quantity on Gaon. However, YG Plus – the production unit of  LALISA album  (Lisa) exported the  album  exclusively overseas without registering through Gaon. Up to now, Lisa’s total album sales still do not have accurate data, which partly affects the sales achievement of the female idol. In addition to the controversy about YG’s attitude in working with Lisa since debut, Lisa’s fans believe that YG Ent has never treated her fairly.


Also during the first release of  teaser video  for  Pink Venom, teaser  of Lisa,  Jisoo  and Rosé on TikTok was suddenly restricted by YG to viewers under 18 years old, even though the content did not contain offensive images. As for the post announcing the debut of  Rosé’s personal  teaser on the group Instagram, YG Ent posted it, but it was deleted and re-posted after about 20 minutes. The fact that there is a constant mistake from YG company makes BLACKPINK fans unable to sit still.

Fans on Twitter left comments saying that this could be a trick of the company to divide the  fandom group. More than anyone, YG understands that BLACKPINK has a huge number of individual fans for each member and a part of them is extremely “aggressive”. The fact that this person’s product has a few shortcomings, the other can’t cause discord among fans. Jennie is the only one whose  teaser doesn’t make mistakes and this inadvertently caused some negative individual fans (akgae)  of the rest of the members to blame with accusations of bias.


Since its debut, the 4 pieces of  BLACKPINK  have been entangled in controversy for being unfairly treated. And many netizens think that this is YG Ent’s communication “trick” to increase the number of strong individual fans and easily promote individual activities.

On the other hand, Jennie is also not outside the controversy of being unfairly treated by YG Ent in this comeback. Taking the position of main rapper, but Jennie started rapping less in recent productions. Many fans realize this and think that even though  Jennie  can be “beautiful” in dancing, singing and rapping, YG Ent should let Jennie have the right acting position in the upcoming comeback.

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