Criticizing girl due to tattooing her own 𝚗ame, people are suгргιseԀ at real reason behind it

Talia Jackson, though, said there was nothing odd about it on TikTok.

Talia Jackson took to TikTok to explain why she has a tattoo of her own 𝚗ame on her arm Credit: TikTok/@taliajackson

She said it was written by her friend Cooper, who died earlier this year, in his journal Credit: TikTok/@taliajackson

“Why do you have a tattoo of your own 𝚗ame? That’s kinda weird,” she wrote over a top of a video showing the inking.

She then showed a notepad on which was written: “Talia, family, life’s full of bums.”

“Because he wrote it,” she then added.

“I will miss him forever,” the actress added in the caption.

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People responded to Talia’s video in the comments section, raising questions about who she was alluding to.

“His 𝚗ame is Cooper, he was her best friend and he passed away a few months ago,” one wrote.

“Nothing weird about it,” another insisted.

“Im so sorry for you Talia… Stay strong,” someone else commented.

“Talia you are so very strong. I think you and your mother are literal heaven sent angels, and I’m so glad he had you both,” another added.

“Who judges someone’s tattoos? If it’s on you it means something,” someone else wrote.

“That’s not weird,” another insisted.

While someone else added: “He always will be there for you.”

I had put off going to the dentist for a year when I received a really sinister lip tattoo, and I was humiliated when my mother saw it

A woman who received a sinister lip tattoo revealed how she avoided the dentist where her mother works for a year in order to not see it.

But fortunately for us, Maddie, who goes by the handle @maddiebellefit, posted a video on TikTok of her mother’s reaction when she saw the tattoo that reads “daddy” for the first time.

Maddie, who is 20-years-old and from the US, has a lip tattoo that says ‘daddy’ Credit: TikTok/@maddiebellefit

Maddie documented the moment her mum, who is a dentist, saw her lip tattoo for the first time Credit: TikTok/@maddiebellefit

Maddie, a 20-year-old American woman, can be seen in the video sitting on the dental chair while her mother examines the inside of her mouth.

“I bit my lip really bad,” Maddie jokes.

As her mum pulls her daughter’s lip back, she looks shocked and says to her assistant: “She has a fr**king tattoo on her lip.”

Getting the answer wrong, her mum asks: “Does it say Maddie?”

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Then, as her daughter keeps laughing uncontrollably, something clicks.

“Does it say daddy?’ asks the dentist.

Maddie captioned the post: “The reason I’ve avoided her work this past year.”

Maddie released a second video and explained how her mother handled everything with humor in response to someone who commented on “the agony in her [mum’s] eyes.”

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“She thinks this video I made is hilarious and she loves it,” Maddie explains.

“I did it as a spur of the moment thing with my friend – we thought it was funny.

“I still think it’s funny and think of it as a light-hearted thing.

“I don’t think of it as anything more – it has nothing to do with my parents, nothing to do with my dad.

I just think it’s funny!”

The video has since garnered over 8.6 million views and been inundated with comments from social media users.

“Being a dental assistant I always loved reading random lip tattoos,” wrote one.

A second joked: “That was classic!”

A third penned: “My mum’s reaction was almost exactly like this. She’s okay now.”

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Meanwhile, a fourth noted: “Honestly never once considered dentist appointments when thinking about lip tats!”

A further added: “That laugh when you’re dying and living your best life at the same time!”

Maddie told how her mum eventually saw the funny side of the inking Credit: TikTok/@maddiebellefit