Crоp Tоp Insрiration Tо Tаke Frоm TҺe Onе And Only Blаckpink Jеnniе

Sоuth Kоrean рoр sιnger Jеnniе Kιm ιs а рart оf tҺe аll-femаle K-рoр ɡroup “Blаck Pιnk.” Kιm wаs sιgned by “Y.G. Entertainment” аs а trаinee аfter lеaving Nеw Zеaland tо fιnιsh Һer еducation ιn Sеoul, Sоuth Kоrea.

She rose to fame after participating in G-music Dragon’s video for “That XX.” Later, she also made an appearance in his song “Black.” 2016, August 8, after extensive promotion by “Y.G. Entertainment” for the release of “Black Pink,” Jennie joined Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé in the band.


In addition, Jennie has worked with musicians such as Lee Hi on his single “Special,” Seungri on “G.G. Be,” and G Dragon on “Eventually.” She shares a sizable fan following with the other band members and is frequently seen as the band’s leader. She is frequently referred to as “the YG Princess” and is seen as the company’s trump card by Jennie Kim’s record label, “Y.G. Entertainment.” She is a top-rated K-pop singer who also speaks Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and English.


Jennie from Blackpink will go great distances for fashion. The K-pop star traveled by plane from Paris to Honolulu, Hawaii, to see Jacquemus perform, and she looked stunning on the label. Jennie wore a pink crop top with a matching low-rise skirt, heels, and clothing. On the beach, Jennie had her hair down and was as happy as anyone would be in a tropical setting. Following her attendance at Chanel’s show on March 8 during Paris Fashion Week, she made an appearance at Jacquemus’ show the following day. That means, like a true fashionista, Jennie departed Paris right after Chanel’s show ended and spent more than 14 hours traveling by plane from Paris to Honolulu.


For the Chanel show, she wore an all-black ensemble, matching a crop top with a miniskirt. Considering Jennie is a Chanel spokesperson, the attire makes sense. All of the other Blackpink members, including Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa, serve as ambassadors for significant French fashion businesses.

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