Cute moments between Messi and kids that could melt fans’ hearts

After expressing her well wishes, the girl was greeted by Messi with an ethereal smile and a light head pat.

Millions of MXH hearts were later awarded to the picture that captured this occasion.

Argentina took the lead in the first half thanks to a goal from Messi, who entered the field to shouts. He softly kicked back in the second half to give his teammates a chance to score. It is not overstated to say that the superstar on the PSG team’s all-around performance helped Argentina defeat Australia 2-1 in the championship game.

Nice exchange between a young fan and Messi

More or less successfully, the warm applause made Messi feel at ease before taking the field.

Given that Argentina will face better opponents as it progresses deeper in the game, it’s probable that Messi could require more of this kind of backing in the near future.

They will face the Netherlands in the next quarterfinals, a squad that plays pragmatistically and incredibly effectively.

Lionel Messi and his teammates are anticipated to have a really difficult time in this game.

In addition, Messi also scores points with intimate and cute actions, and favors for his young fans:


Messi’s wife has shown to be an excellent student, and everyone admires the way she teaches the kids

The ideal couple of “gifted lads and girls” is Messi and his wife.

It is easy to understand why Messi has been the subject of the most recent conversation given his possession of the 2022 World Cup trophy.

Many people are more moved by the happy story of the Messi family than by the vivid pictures on the field.

They pay extra attention to the player’s attractive wife in particular.

At age 40, Antonella Roccuzzo, Messi’s “roof,” possesses a lovely demeanor and exceptional beauty that rivals Hollywood stars.

She is also renowned for her excellent career and schooling.

having knowledge-rich parents and receiving excellent education since young age

The second child of an academic family in Rosario, Antonella Roccuzzo (1988) was born (Argentina).

The founder and current owner of the major supermarket chain Unico is her father’s paternal grandmother.

Her mother chose to stay at home and work as a housewife to take care of her family rather than engage in commercial operations.

From childhood until adulthood, Antonella Roccuzzo has always been an outstanding student in her class.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from the National University of Rosario (National University of Rosario).

Yet, she continued her studies in communication and dentistry since she believed it was inappropriate.

Antonella Roccuzzo has tried a variety of careers, but she never intended to become a model. Instead, she “transformed” into one.

In 2016, Antonela made a contract to be a model for the Argentine clothing line Ricky Sarkany public.

Messi’s wife launched a shoe company in Barcelona, Spain, with a buddy just one year later.

Fashion is Antonella Roccuzzo’s main love, and she frequently takes part in prestigious international fashion weeks.

When compared to her spouse, a well-known player, Antonella Roccuzzo might be said to be exceptionally “worthy of age” because of her accomplishments.

She is incredibly gifted, educated, and self-sufficient.

Raising three sly boys, who are still “adolescent” is Antonella Roccuzzo’s top task. In the education of children, Messi’s wife is considered a calm person, she spends the most time with her children because her husband often has to be away from home to go to the competition.

Despite being born into a rich family, the three sons of the Messi family are regularly educated strictly about politeness and respect for others. This is clearly seen in the 2022 World Cup, fans have repeatedly witnessed Messi’s “wife” sternly teach her children when they act excessively naughty in the stands.

In an interview in Argentina, Messi once гevealed that his wife values ​​the education of children above any other value. Perhaps thanks to the strict teaching from the mother, the three boys of Messi’s family all grew up obediently and extremely cute.

Fairytale love story with her husband started at the age of 8

Antonella and Messi are a beautiful couple in the world football village. Their love story began in 1996, when Messi was 9 years old and only 1 year older than Antonella. Both are neighbors living on the same block. At the time they knew each other, Antonella was a rich daughter, while Messi had a relatively normal family.

One weekend, Antonella went to her cousin Lucas Scaglia’s house to play. This brother is a friend of Messi and by chance that day, Messi also visited his friend. At first sight, Messi was attracted to the beautiful girl even though he was still playing video games with Lucas at that time.

This passion was so intense that Messi then announced to all his friends: ”  One day, Antonella will be my girlfriend  “. It seemed that it was just a joke of a child, but Messi was determined to pursue Antonella’s success seriously.

The two kept a close friendship until Messi turned 13 years old, he left his hometown to join the youth training academy of FC Barcelona (Spain) to practice football. In the early 2000s, the means of communication were limited, the geographical distance was too far, so the two children gradually lost contact, and their feelings also faded.

It wasn’t until a few years later, when Messi returned to visit his hometown, that the two became as close as ever. In July 2007, the couple dated in secгet and it was not until 2009 that Antonella went to Spain to live with her boyfriend, this beautiful love story was гevealed.

After dozens of years, the love from the childhood of Messi and his wife has “blown fruit” extremely fully. Not only have a happy family with 3 sons, Messi and his wife both have extremely successful careers, making many people admire. Despite owning a large fortune, Antonella lives quite simply and often participates in charity activities.

Messi used to have many words for his wife: ”  I admire everything about her. Antonela has many advantages, including the way she manages to overcome difficulties in life, her personality, and her posιtιve attitude when face the challenge”.