D’Angelo Russell and Laura Ivaniukas at Wedding in Croatia

Celebrating Mr & Mrs Ivaniukas!! 💍🤍 so happy for you both. A fairytale wedding!!! Love you guys!

Who is D’Angelo Russell’s Girlfriend, Laura Ivaniukas?

D’Angelo Russell’s time in the NBA has been a bit of a mixed bag. Since he was sent to the Los Angeles Lakers in February 2023, the point guard is back in the center. D-Lo has been with a lot of different women over the years, but he seems to have found the one he wants to be with for good. Since 2020, D’Angelo Russell has been with beauty Laura Ivaniukas. Here’s what we know about her and their relationship.

Laura Ivaniukas is a Canadian model who was born on May 9, 1999. She grew up in Oakville, Ontario. The couple has been together for more than two years now. They are said to have started dating in early 2020. Ivaniukas is a well-known Instagram star with a lot of fans, and she often posts on social media about their life together. On September 24, 2022, the couple had their first child. D-Lo has been linked to different famous people and female sports over the years, but it looks like he has finally found the love of his life. So, what do we know about Laura Ivaniukas, D’Angelo Russell’s girlfriend? Laura Ivaniukas is the girlfriend of Los Angeles Lakers point guard D’Angelo Russell. Laura is a Canadian fashion model who has worked with well-known companies. People say that the couple has been together since 2020 and that they had a boy in September 2022.

Laura Ivaniukas was born and raised in Oakville, which is in the Canadian province of Ontario. Later, she moved to the United States to try to make a living as a model. Over the years, Ivaniukas has been used by different clothing and swimwear brands. She lives in the United States with her husband D’Angelo Russell and their new baby, Riley Jonan Russell.

Most people don’t know how the two stars may have met, but many people say it was through a common friend in early 2020. Soon, their sweet aquamarine turned into love, and since then, the two stars have been together.

Laura Ivaniukas is said to be a very caring partner who goes to Russell’s games often despite having a job. She is often seen at the courtside of D-Lo’s NBA games with their son, cheering him on. Even though D’Angelo and Laura are not married, they are currently raising a family together.