Danish Football Federation President: ‘Barca stop bullying Braithwaite’

The President of the Danish Football Association (DPA) has attacked Barcelona for causing difficulties for striker Martin Braithwaite.

“The way Barca treats Martin is absurd,” Michael Sahl Hansen, DPA President, said, “Stop bullying and harassing him. It’s a shame that Barca tried to get rid of Martin even though he has a contract. Martin joined when the team was in a difficult situation. Where is Barca’s decency?”

Sport  revealed that the Barca leadership was angry when Braithwaite did not want to liquidate the contract with the club this summer. Mundo Deportivo  said Braithwaite wanted Barca to pay the remaining salary in the contract before he left. The spearhead Denmark team enjoys a remuneration of about 4 million euros/season (after tax) at Camp Nou.


Leaders of the Danish Football Federation were displeased when Braithwaite was treated badly.

Braithwaite was not even registered by coach Xavi Hernandez to play in the first round of La Liga 2022/23. Barca sent a message to the 31-year-old striker that he would not be able to play if he stayed at the club this season.

Mr. Hansen added: “The contract is still there. The two sides have to stick together for another two years. Martin has to continue to complete the contract as in the agreement and so is Barca. One of the biggest teams in the world. The world needs to respect the way they treat their players.”


Braithwaite is being watched by several teams in the US and Saudi Arabia. The 31-year-old striker may also consider returning to England to play. However, the Danish striker’s intention to stay at Barca is very clear.

Barca is still trying to find a new destination for a series of players who are no longer in the plans of coach Xavi. Jules Kounde is a rare rookie who has not been registered to play in La Liga 2022/23. Most likely, the former Sevilla midfielder is also not in the Barca squad to play Real Sociedad on the morning of August 22 (Hanoi time).

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