Dario Saric on joining Golden State: ‘Playing here is a lot of fun’

Dario Saric helped lead the Golden State Warriors to an early lead of 141-139 in their inaugural NBA Cup In-Season Tournament victory over his old team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

He highlighted the group’s victory in remarks to the media following the victory. “We played hard the entire game, and as a team, we won. After defeating OKC by 20 points, he observed, “Sometimes you need to be a little bit lucky, sometimes you need to make the right play at the right time, and it was crucial today.”

“My mood is good, and I hope to keep doing this.” He’s feeling it especially shooting-wise. “I’m going to have ups and downs sometimes, but I’ll try to keep as best as I can percentage-wise and on the court too, not hesitating the shots.”

“I felt more at ease joining a team that was skilled at playing basketball with a high IQ. Everyone is aware of their place, and this summer I was thinking about how I could fit in by watching some Golden State basketball. I found myself with that kind of chemistry with Chris [Paul], having played with the Suns together, and I hope that this is how I’m going to continue. When you play with a team that is winning consistently and when you play with a team that is constantly sharing the ball, it’s incredibly pleasant,” he said.