Daughters of the year! Kash Doll Gifts Her Mom A Brand New Lexus SUV For Her 50th B-Day!

Daughters of the year!

Mother’s Day was a big deal for the mothers of some celebrities. We’re talking about ribbon bows on opulent cars, not flowers and cards.

This Mother’s Day, rapper Kash Doll and artist H.E.R. elevated the ante by surprised their moms with pricey rides.

On Mother’s Day and her 50th birthday, Kash Doll surprised her mother with a brand-new Lexus.

The rapper’s mother acted like a fool upon seeing her new vehicle, bouncing around and yelling as Kash Doll’s relatives gathered outside.

Behind the scenes, Kash Doll stated, “This is how you turn 50.”

The 50-year-old was excited by her family as she celebrated receiving her new whip.

Also, a Louis Vuitton box full of cash was given to Kash Doll’s mother. “Ice Me Out” artist shared the thrilling event on Instagram with the following caption: “Happy Mother’s Day and birthday to my queen, the woman who helped shape who I am today! I had to make sure that the woman who had five children at the age of 21 could finally live worry-free because turning 50 is half of 100. I hope this is the best life you’ve ever had. The least I can do is this.

H.E.R. shared a video of her mother’s response to her brand-new Mercedes-Benz whip on Instagram on Monday.

The song “Damage” singer wrote over the video, “Surprising my mom with her dream car.”

The singer, real name Gabriella Wilson, asked her mother Agnes to enter the Mercedes-Benz store while wearing a blindfold. Mama Agnes was shocked when the blindfold was taken off.

As the film came to a close, H.E.R.’s mother broke down in tears and gave him an embrace.

The vocalist of “Focus” stated in the description of the photo, “She was in shock.” “The best gift I could ever have is to see my mom smile. She deserves the entire universe because she puts in so much work. Mama, mahala kita. It’s times like these that justify the voyage. That is the reason I do it!!!!!!

The Filipino phrase “Mahal Kita” translates to “I love you.”