Deep Meaning of Hummingbird Tattoo Proves Why It Is Called the Symbol of Freedom

History of the Hummingbird and its meaning

The hummingbird has been interpreted as a symbol of seduction and love by many different cultures. For instance, the Aztecs believed that the colorful bird would attract people of the opposite gender and so they would wear deceased hummingbirds in pouches around their necks.

Native Americans viewed hummingbirds as symbols of love and included them in their myths and legends, turning them into something mystical or magical. The Caingang and Butucuo tribe’s interpretation of the hummingbird also includes the idea of providing water. This tattoo design is ideal for someone who wants a tattoo that can stand for charm, love, life, or happiness.

Having a hummingbird tattoo is a way to connect with the past and the mystic nature of the hummingbird in traditional Native American folklore. Hummingbird tattoos have a rich history in many cultures.

Other Potential Meanings

The hummingbird naturally has a variety of distinctive traits. The fact that this colorful bird can eat more than 50 times in a single day is astounding. But it’s no wonder they can devour so much considering they’re one of the fastest flying birds, flying at a staggering 49 miles per hour. These qualities may include an individual’s motivation to continue living their life and their capacity to step beyond of their comfort zone.

  • 300 Unique Species

There are 300 different species of hummingbirds, did you know? The bird comes in a wide range of styles, from having a long tail to having vivid, striking colors. As a result, the meaning of a hummingbird tattoo might be about diversity and the value of being unique. The hummingbird’s ability to swing its wings backwards in a figure-8 motion, replicating the infinity sign, is another interesting feature. Because of this, some individuals may decide to have this tattoo design to represent eternity.

  • Friendly And Welcoming

The hummingbird is also quite amiable, making it a fantastic tattoo for someone who values showing kindness to others. But despite their delicate appearance, they can also be Һоꜱtιlе toward other bird species.

If you love music a lot, getting a hummingbird tattoo can uplift your mood and serve as a permanent reminder of the chirpy tunes of the bird. The tattoo might also serve as a way to honor a loved one who adored hummingbirds but has since passed away.

  • Resiliency And Kindness

Some people may decide to have a tattoo of a hummingbird in flight, hovering over flowers, or suckling nectar from a flower. Since the hummingbird and flowers are mutually dependent in order to survive, their relationship may represent resiliency, triumph over adversity, and joy.

The stunning hummingbird may be tough and able to adapt to outside forces with ease, but they ꜱtгuggle in captivity. Some people may decide to get a hummingbird tattoo to symbolize their desire for freedom and the ability to live their lives however they please.

Hummingbird tattoo design for women

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