Despite all ‘Saturday Night Live’ Rules, Taylor Swift still performs ‘controversial’ song live

Taylor Swift delivered an unforgettable performance as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live on November 13, and fans are ecstatic. The singer performed an acoustic version of “All Too Well” for the first time ever, just a day after it was released on her second re-recorded album, Red (Taylor’s Version), as well as the All Too Well short film. Swift deviated from SNL tradition by performing the entirety of “All Too Well,” rather than the usual two songs, for her fifth appearance as a musical guest. You should watch Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” SNL performance video to see why it will be remembered for years.

Swift changed things up and only performed the newly released “All Too Well” during the show’s Nov. 13 episode, rather than the two performances that SNL musical guests typically give — one prior to the Weekend Update segment and one later in the show. Of course, given that the 10-minute rendition is longer than most songs, Swift’s decision to only perform once made perfect sense.

Her short film “All Too Well,” which premiered on Nov. 12, was shown behind her as she performed “All Too Well.” Swift’s SNL performance was dreamy, with the singer dressed in all black as autumn leaves and winter snow fell around her. As Swift sang the emotional songs (about a difficult breakup) and played the guitar, leaves began to fall from the sky and completely cover the stage’s ground. Fall had turned to winter by the end of the 10-minute performance, and falling snow began to cover the leaves.

Swift’s short film All Too Well, which she wrote and directed, was released on November 12 and quickly went viral. It stars Sadie Sink from Stranger Things and Dylan O’Brien from Teen Wolf, and it follows the various stages of a heated relationship between two lovers. Since “All Too Well” is said to be about Swift’s relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal, fans have speculated that the entire video is a nod to the stars’ brief romance in 2010.

Swift is clearly back, as evidenced by the recent release of Red (Taylor’s Version) and her passionate appearance on Saturday Night Live.