Despite because of Gavi, Barcelona is ready to cause ‘co𝚗flicт’ with La Liga?

It is hypothesized that this event took place as a result of the Catalan team’s failure to turn in the necessary paperwork by the deadline that had been set.

As a direct result of this, a dispute between Barcelona and the organizers of the La Liga tournament in the month of January 2023 erupted over the situation involving Gavi. There has been discussion regarding the possibility of the so-called “Spanish giants” and Gavi entering into a new agreement that would run up until the year 2026.

In spite of this, Gavi’s salary was bumped up in the contract, despite the ꜰᴀᴄᴛ that Barcelona’s current financial situation is fraught with a number of challenges. As a direct consequence of this, the court in Barcelona did not acknowledge the contract that the two parties had previously agreed upon. However, in order to resolve the issue, the Catalan team was required to file a lawsuit before the court. During that time, the Catalan team was still permitted to register Gavi.

However, Barcelona did not file their lawsuit until one day after the deadline, which led to the application being deemed invalid and the new contract with Gavi not being taken into consideration. It appears that Gavi’s registration with the first team in La Liga has been terminated for some reason, according to the most recent information that is available, which comes from the Spanish website Relebo.

Gavi will be required to play for Barcelona’s youth team as a result of his exclusion from the first team, and he will be required to return to wearing the number 30 jersey rather than the current number 6 jersey. This is because the number 30 jersey was issued to him when he was a member of the first team. His current contract with Barcelona does not extend all the way through 2026 like the one he signed in the beginning; rather, it only covers the remainder of this season. In the event that these issues are not resolved in a timely manner, the player, who is only 18 years old, may be granted a free transfer in order to play for another team.

According to ESPN, Barcelona has confirmed that it complied with the deadline for submitting the proceedings, and it has also reported that it has now filed an appeal with the Barcelona court regarding the case. It is stated in another section of this page that Gavi has given his word that he will remain a member of the Barcelona football team for the foreseeable future.

On the twentieth of February in the year 2023, an attorney named Javier Gomez who specialized in the field of economics discussed his thoughts on the case of Gavi. He made the following statement: “In order for Barcelona to comply with both of these terms, the club must register Gavi with a new salary.” To begin, Barcelona is obligated to ʀᴇᴠᴇᴀʟ the financial resources that it possesses in order to demonstrate that it is in a position to sign new players or renew contracts with players who are already on the first team. This obligation stems from Article 93.6 of the UEFA Champions League regulations. On the other hand, in order to comply with the requirements of Article 101, prior to deciding whether or not to extend the contract of a player, it is necessary to take into consideration the total sum of money that will be made available to the team in the subsequent competition. They are going through a significant amount of financial difficulty with Barcelona.

In order for Barcelona to be able to sign players for the first team at the moment, the club’s expenses need to be cut by two hundred million euros. The club has been awarded a total of 4 million euros in compensation for the departure of three players, including Memphis Depay (who moved to Atletico Madrid), Hector Bellerin (who moved to Sporting Lisbon), and Pique (who retired), but this amount is insufficient when compared to the requirements that were stated earlier.